Super Nintendo World

The best things to do at Super Nintendo World in Japan

By Olivia Richman


Oct 14, 2022

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Universal Studios in Los Angeles and then Orlando will be getting their own Nintendo World in the near future. But for now, the only way to experience Nintendo World is in Japan. The OG Nintendo World position has become a hot destination, bringing Mario and his platformer to life.

But what can you actually do in Nintendo World?

Unique things to do at Super Nintendo World

While we have all seen glimpses of Super Nintendo World online, it’s hard to imagine what it really is like to step into the vibrant world of Nintendo. So here is what you can experience when you travel to this one-of-a-kind destination.

Power Up Band

This is what you’ll purchase right when you enter the park. Pick a character to represent and register the band on the corresponding phone app. This will have you teaming up with anyone else in the park who also picked the same character. Explore Super Nintendo World, looking for interactive opportunities to earn points for your squad. Hit coin blocks and complete challenges. Then, when you get home, you can use your band as an Amiibo in various Mario games.

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Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

This is probably the main attraction of Super Nintendo World thanks to its interactive capabilities and beautifully created set, fully immersing visitors into a Mario Kart track. You even wear augmented reality goggles that display animated characters and arrows in front of you. You can eliminate enemies and collect coins in an attempt to beat a high score.

Yoshi’s Adventure

Looking for something a bit more relaxing? This attraction is another chance to be teleported to an entirely different world thanks to its immense attention to detail. This laid-back ride has you sitting in your very own Yoshi as you slowly stroll through a path full of colorful scenery and animatronics. If you want a challenge, you can keep an eye out for eggs throughout the course, pressing a button every time you see one keep track.

Toad Cafe

Working up an appetite? Check out Toad Cafe! Chef Toad and his team of Toads will serve Mario-themed dishes, like a Luigi Green Curry Chicken Sandwich. Each dish will feature plenty of mushrooms, of course. The restaurant has “windows” into the kitchen, showing Toad and his crew cooking your meal. This added element really makes you feel you’re in the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach will walk in to get a salad at any moment.

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OneUp Factory

One can’t-miss attraction is the Super Nintendo World shop, full of exclusive merch that can’t be purchased anywhere else. This includes plushies, keychains, t-shirts, figures, pens, and just about anything else you can think of.

The most coveted item, however, is a figure of Mario that can walk. Tokotoko Mario has become one of the most prized merch to get at Nintendo World. The quality materials, realistic look, and walking ability make it one of the most unique Mario figures in the world.

Bomb Boom Room

This interactive area is inspired by the underground stages found in classic Mario games. Dark and mysterious, you’ll traverse through a maze of sorts as a small version of Mario. You’ll notice blocks getting bigger and bigger as you get further into the maze, meant to make you feel you’re shrinking even smaller. There’s a big question block at the end full of coins as well as some hidden easter eggs throughout the room.


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