The best Sims 4 mods for multiplayer, design, and more

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 16, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The right set of mods can make The Sims 4 feel like a brand new game.

The Sims 4 is one of the best casual simulation games of all time, but not every part has aged gracefully since its 2014 release. From finicky menus and placement systems to barebones game modes, there’s a lot to add to the game.

DLC is an option, but the Sims 4 community has also created tons of mods that totally transform the experience. These four mods will add new decorations, create new interiors, improve the user interface, and even add multiplayer.

OMSP Shelf mod allows realistic clutter in The Sims 4

It’s easy to spend hours designing interiors for your Sims, but no matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to get that realistic lived-in look. You can often only place one item in each location, keeping the rooms looking a bit cold.

That’s where OMSP Shelf comes in. This free fan-made mod opens up tons of opportunities for complex interior design.

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This mod creates new location slots on several tables and counters for the player to add their own custom objects on top. For a kitchen counter, players can stack cookie jars, ingredients, utensils, and more to create a realistic living environment.

Have Some Personality Please! opens up new relationships and interactions

Simplicity is a core part of The Sims, but advanced players may want more than what was programmed in 2014. Have Some Personality Please! is a free mod for The Sims 4 that adds a ton of different interactions. In addition to restricted romance options, the mod adds new elements for aliens, toddlers, and conversations.

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One of the biggest additions in Have Some Personality Please! is a new system for pets. Cats and dogs can take on personality traits just like humans impacting how they interact with their environment. The add-on mod is fairly simple to install and completely free on

Become a Sorcerer Sims 4 mod is exactly what it sounds like

Magic was a base feature in some of the older Sims titles, but it’s completely removed in The Sims 4. But now it can be brought back in full force thanks to the Become a Sorcerer mod. After downloading this mod from Triplis, players can start learning spells, casting incantations, and mastering the dark arts.

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This mod also accounts for interactions based on magic. Players can influence their reputation by performing white or dark magic in public, which will affect how other Sims perceive them. There’s also an alignment and ritual system for players looking to customize their sorcery experience.

Sims 4 multiplayer mod lets multiple players get in on the fun

The Sims 5 is heavily rumored to officially bring multiplayer as a base feature, but avid The Sims 4 fans can jump on the bandwagon early thanks to community mods. SM4P adds multiplayer to the popular simulation title. With this mod installed, up to 12 players can simultaneously control and manipulate a world of Sims.

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After setting up a host computer, players can join a world and start building homes and families together. S4MP also has support for other popular interaction mods like Wonderful and Wicked Whims. There are even dedicated servers for supporters who donate to the creator.


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