The best maps for learning Escape From Tarkov locations

By Nicholas James


Mar 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Learning how to navigate all the locations in Escape From Tarkov is tough, but luckily there are maps to help players better learn all of the game’s important locations.

From Customs to Woods to Reserve, Escape From Tarkov’s locations can be huge and labyrinthine. Having the right resources at your disposal can save you tons of time when you’re first starting out or trying to find a specific location on a map you’re not familiar with.

The best map websites for Escape From Tarkov

Having a map open on a second monitor while sprinting through Woods trying to find Jaeger’s cabin or specific bunkers is an experience many players will be familiar with. Having the right map can make all the difference when it comes to making it out alive of your latest raid.

Map Genie is one of the premier resources, but because of its high quality not all of the maps are available for free. Map Genie’s offerings include interactable map elements that show everything from possible boss spawns to every single instance of loot in an available location. If you want to access the maps for Reserve and the new map Lighthouse, you’ll have to pay for Map Genie’s pro version.

Map Genie’s offerings are best for planning out ahead of time or selecting only the loot icons you need to see to better track your position in a game. This is best used when you’re looking for a specific item or loot location rather than a general place on the map.

Games Maps offers a variety of community and officially-sourced maps, with a variety of options for each map. Many of these are better for a larger-scale view, including some three-dimensional maps for Labs that can help understand the strange Terra Labs building stored deep beneath the earth of Tarkov.

Best of luck in your raids to come.


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