The best crypto casino games of the year

By William Davis


May 2, 2022

Reading time: 5 min

It is no surprise that online gambling in the form of online casinos and sports betting websites is becoming one of the trendiest platforms on the internet, as many experienced casino players and sports bettors are moving to play exclusively in online casinos and sportsbooks. Meanwhile, beginners are also having a much easier time learning the basics of the platform compared to playing and betting in land-based casinos and betting houses.

Besides online gambling, another industry that is becoming trendy today is cryptocurrency, a platform where people can collect, invest, sell, and buy digital money. Because of how many people are now collecting and investing in cryptocurrency, many casinos now allow players to use Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency for deposits and even withdrawals.

Through the combination of online gambling and cryptocurrency, companies were able to create crypto gambling sites that are exclusively catered to players that use crypto for deposits and withdrawals. Today, there are dozens of crypto gambling sites available, but there are only a few that are regarded as better than the others. 

One of the reasons why great crypto gambling sites are highly rated is because of their amazing games, which are becoming popular in their own right. Here is a list of the best casino games of the year.


Plinko is a digital adaptation of the classic game called pachinko, which is a very popular gambling machine in Japan. Pachinko is played like pinball, but instead of keeping one ball alive inside the pinball machine, you actually need to let multiple metal balls fall at the bottom of the pachinko machine to receive prizes. You can find out about the mechanics of the game by reading a review of Plinko on Casino Guide, where you can also read reviews and guides for other popular crypto casino games.

The Plinko game has similar mechanics to pachinko, as you also have to roll down a bunch of balls on a maze and let them fall down in various holes at the bottom. The holes would then have indicators as to how much you will receive whenever a ball falls down into them. In Plinko, you can get up to $2,500,000 as a jackpot crypto prize. You can play Plinko at, one of the best crypto gambling sites on the web.


A very simple crypto casino game that you can play is Dice, which actually doesn’t feature dice in a lot of iterations made by crypto gambling sites. Instead of dice, you will be greeted by a bunch of numbers that make more sense the more you learn how to play the game. These numbers will often indicate how much you want to bet and the value of the invisible dice that will be thrown during the game.

In Dice, you will have to guess if the total value shown by the dice will be higher or lower, and if your guess is right, you will win the bet. The maximum throw for the dice is 98. Although it is a relatively simple game, Dice can be quite difficult to win because of the lower betting odds. However, what makes this appealing for a lot of players is its exciting gameplay, since you don’t know what numbers of the dice will be shown on screen. You can play Dice at Cloudbet, Fairspin, and BitCasino.


One of the most exciting crypto games that you can play on various crypto gambling sites is Crash, which is heavily based on the stock market and the economic crashes that occurred in various periods throughout history. While the premise may sound gloomy and unappealing, Crash is actually a very fun game where you have to watch a fictional stock market go up in economic prosperity before it crashes.

To play Crash, you have to watch a line on the screen go up on the graph. Then, multipliers would be added at each turn, which increase the height of the line even higher. You then have to guess which multiplier will cause a crash for the line. Then, you have to exit the fictional stock market before it crashes, losing the game if you fail to do so. The earlier you leave the stock market, the lower the price you will get, so it is best that you leave it just as it is about to crash to get bigger prizes. You will be able to play Crash at Fairspin, Cloudbet, Rocketpot, and Oshi.

Crypto Roulette

Crypto Roulette is a simplified version of roulette that you would see in land-based and online casinos. If you are a fan or veteran of roulette, you will find Crypto Roulette very enjoyable. Instead of real money, you have to use cryptocurrency for bets in this game, adding another element of excitement. 

Much like roulette, Crypto Roulette allows you to bet on specific numbers, number combinations, and colors. In addition, single numbers would have a higher payout since it would be much more difficult for just a small portion of the roulette wheel to win. If you are a beginner, many would recommend that you just start betting on number combinations (odd numbers, even numbers, etc.) and colors to have a higher chance of winning. You can play Crypto Roulette at, Gamdom, and other popular crypto gambling sites.


If you are going to play Plinko, then you might as well try out the game it is based on. Many crypto gambling websites offer different digital pachinko machines for players to try out. These pachinko machines can come in different shapes, sizes, and aesthetics, so you can play the game that suits your style or preference, much like choosing a slot game to play based on your hobbies or favorites. Play pachinko at Oshi and other crypto casinos to see if it is a truly fun game to play.

And those are a few of the best crypto casino games that you can play in 2022 and beyond. If you have enough funds in your crypto wallet, you can try playing all of the games mentioned above since they are all fun and engaging.


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