The best build and moveset for Crustle in Pokemon Unite

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 23, 2021

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For the players that like to tank up damage and lock down opponents with crowd control, Crustle has turned out to be a strong and fun pick in Pokemon Unite. The big bug Pokemon has more damage than most would think and can either chase or run away from fights at incredible speeds. 

After originally being the probable worst pick in Pokemon Unite, Crustle can now help players hit Master rank if played correctly. Crustle is a physical melee defender that focuses on helping its carries and making sure that opponents don’t get too close to the backline. When ahead, Crustle can even snowball into a serious DPS threat thanks to its ability to crit with most of its moves

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When trying to learn Crustle in Pokemon Unite, keep these moves and items in mind.

Best build for Crustle in Pokemon Unite

As a defender, Crustle wants to focus on the items that will help it tank up damage and assist the team throughout a game. Crustle is also incredibly strong at scoring points, which might catch opponents off guard. In general, Crustle wants to go either top or bottom alongside a carry. With the following items, Crustle can be the meat shield for its teammates and can zone out opponents when going for objectives. 

Focus Band: 

An absolute must-have item for Crustle is Focus Band, which has turned into one of the strongest items in the game currently. Focus Band will let Crustle take reduced damage from basic attacks, which will come in very handy when facing off against the biggest carries in the game. Focus Band will also reduce incoming damage from special attacks, turning Crustle into an overall tank. 

Score Shield: 

An item that can turn a game on its head is Score Shield, which will give the user a shield while charging up to score a goal. While shielded, attacks will not stop the Pokemon from scoring which can help Crustle get in some sneaky points. Score Shield is very effective in the early game where opponents won’t have enough damage to crack the shield in time. 

Buddy Barrier: 

As the supportive tank Crustle is, Buddy Barrier is an item to be considered. Buddy Barrier gives Crustle and the lowest-health nearby ally a shield when using its Unite Move. This can be crucial in big fights as it helps Crustle survive longer and potentially save teammates at the same time. 

Pokemon Unite battle items for Crustle

Just like most other Pokemon, Eject Button will be the most common battle item for Crustle. Eject Button to the point where it is worth picking up on every Pokemon in every role, as it lets players get out of danger with a quick blink or chase down low-health targets. 

For players who aren’t too hooked on Eject Button, it’s also viable to go for Goal-Getter in games where Crustle needs to put in a lot of points. This is a more aggressive approach but will be very viable paired up with Score Shield. With these items, Crustle can pull off some goals that wouldn’t usually be possible, especially with its speed from Shell Smash. 

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These are the best moves for Crustle in Pokemon Unite

The moves for Crustle are pretty straight forward and even though there are some different viable movesets, the X-Scissor build remains the most viable. With this build, Crustle is able to move around the map at high speeds while spamming X-Scissor at opponents. This will help displace them and allow other teammates to capitalize. 

Crustle will also have a fair amount of damage with this moveset, even though dishing out damage isn’t the primary focus for Crustle. If given the opportunity to snowball, Crustle will have the ability to carry and clear out wild Pokemon camps very quickly. 

Fury Cutter (level one):

For Crustle, it is all about getting to level four quickly to evolve. Starting out as Dwebble, Crustle will be fairly weak early on but Fury Cutter can make up for some of it. This move has a short cooldown and can quickly help slay the first Aipoms before gaining access to Rock Slide as well in level two.

Shell Smash (level four): 

Besides evolving in level four, Crustle also gets a big boost in mobility by gaining access to Shell Smash. This will give Crustle a big boost in movement speed and help it get around the map to score both kills and sneaky points. 

X-Scissor (level six):

At level six, Crustle really comes online by gaining access to X-Scissor. This will be Crustle’s primary attack for both damage and crowd control. X-Scissor has three charges and can displace any enemy hit within the cone. If landed correctly, this can turn a fight completely on its head. 

Rubble Rouser (Unite Move):

Finally, Crustle gains access to its Unite Move Rubble Rouser at level nine. This deals big AOE damage and stuns enemies, while also providing Crustle with a big shield. This Unite Move can be very valuable in fights around Drednaw, Rotom, and Zapdos and is a big part of what makes Crustle a serious threat these days.


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