The best build and moves for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite

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Cinderace has quickly established itself as one of the strongest and most popular characters to play in Pokemon Unite and will likely enjoy that distinction for a long time to come. Cinderace is currently one of the strongest ranged attackers in the game, relying on fast auto attacks and the ability to outplay opponents. 

Most Pokemon in Pokemon Unite rely a lot on their abilities, but Cinderace is one of those Pokemon where auto attacks are the strongest part of the kit. This makes the playstyle of Cinderace different from others and gives the opportunity to make big flashy outplays as well. 

To learn more about how to wield the offensive fire Pokemon, here’s the best build for Cinderace. 

Cinderace Pokemon Unite stats

Best Pokemon Unite build for Cinderace

The ideal build for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite sees the Pokemon get Blaze Kick and Feint for special attacks. For Held Items, Muscle Band, Scope Lens, and Float Stone are the best choices alongside an Eject Button Battle Item. This combination gives Cinderace the ideal mix of DPS and mobility. As the ranged physical attacker that Cinderace is, it’s important to build in a way that will allow it to blow up opponents. Cinderace will be one of the main carries on a team and will, therefore, have a lot of responsibility to do damage and get kills. 

These items are the go-to options for Cinderace in the current state of the game, with a few situational options. 

Muscle Band: 

Muscle Band is an absolute must-have on Cinderace as it increases basic attack damage and speed. As a Pokemon that relies a lot on spamming basic attacks, Cinderace wants to have this item upgraded as much as possible. 

Scope Lens: 

Another key item for Cinderace is Scope Lens, which will boost the critical hit damage of basic attacks. All attacks from Cinderace will eventually do a lot of damage as the game progresses, but hitting a critical hit will do way more damage than most Pokemon can comfortably handle. Lastly, Scope Lens will increase the critical hit chance. 

Float Stone: 

Float Stone is also an item that will increase the attack damage of Cinderace, but that isn’t the main reason why this item is good. Float Stone will most importantly increase movement speed while not in combat, which will help Cinderace when roaming around the map or going in to score some points. 

Attack Weight (situational): 

If the three items above become too boring, there are also other viable options for Cinderace. Attack Weight is one of them, which will increase attack damage and buff damage even further after scoring a goal. This item can have a ton of value in games where Cinderace is in the lead all game, but will also see much less value in losing matchups.  

Score Shield (situational):

For the teams that really need someone to rack up some points, Score Shield is a situational item to consider. Score Shield provides some extra health, but not really enough to help Cinderace avoid dying. More importantly, Score Shield will provide a shield while charging up to score a goal. While this shield is active, no incoming attacks will interrupt the charge. This gives some safety in games where Cinderace is the primary Pokemon to score points. 

Cinderace’s best Pokemon Unite battle items: 

For the battle item, there are a few different options for Cinderace. The most common will likely be Eject Button, which will enable Cinderace to make flashy outplays and in general stay safe as it’s a very squishy Pokemon. For the more aggressive and confident players, it’s also viable to run X-Attack on Cinderace to increase the damage when important fights and skirmishes are going down. 

Cinderace Pokemon Unite

Best moves for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite

The moves for Cinderace are fairly straightforward and provide the Pokemon with a lot of outplay potential. Cinderace isn’t a Pokemon that relies a lot on abilities, but these will still be very important to utilize the right way. With this build, Cinderace will have a good amount of safety tools and some damaging abilities to supplement its powerful auto-attacks. 


The first move that Cinderace wants to take is Ember, which can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. Ember will be the main damage option in the early game until Cinderace gets some levels to evolve and improve its auto attacks. 

Ember will quickly take down the Aipoms in the first levels or help clear the jungle if that’s the chosen role. Ember will do immediate damage to the target and also burn a bit over time. Low Sweep comes after and it’s a solid mobility tool, but it’s not as good as Ember.

Blaze Kick (level seven): 

Besides auto attacks, Blaze Kick will be the primary source of consistent damage when playing as Cinderace. This ability delivers a guaranteed crit and makes Cinderace untargetable while charging in on the enemy. This makes the ability very safe to use, despite Cinderace essentially having to go into melee range to damage the target. 

In general, Blaze Kick will do a good chunk of damage and should be used to engage on a target. After hitting Blaze Kick, Cinderace will be able to kite around while auto-attacking and hopefully get even more crits off. 

Feint (level eight): 

Feint is the best option at level 8 because it’s a great defensive tool. As the very squishy target that Cinderace is, it’s very important to have a way out when getting focused by the enemy Pokemon. Feint will make Cinderace untargetable for a short duration of time and increase movement speed. Feint has a longer cooldown, so make sure to save it for important situations. 

With the right reaction speed, Cinderace is able to dodge key abilities from opponents with Feint and get out of sticky situations that usually wouldn’t be possible. 

Blazing Bicycle Kick (Unite Move): 

Cinderace gets access to Blazing Bicycle Kick for its Unite Move, which offers great AOE damage and extra movement speed. This Unite Move has a very long range, which allows Cinderace to either use it to snipe low-health enemies or use it as an engagement tool. Make sure to use Blazing Bicycle Kick to start off a fight, as Cinderace will get a big chunk of movement speed which will help tremendously in the fight. 


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