Apex Legends tier list

The best Apex Legends tier list for Season 12

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 22, 2022

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Climbing the ranks of Apex Legends is no easy feat, and picking the right legend is the first step towards achieving the coveted Predator rank. This updated Apex Legends tier list should help you fight through Defiance. 

Season 12 has rolled in with a brand new legend in Mad Maggie, the aggressive lass. With her recruited in, the roster has become more cut-throat and destructive. It can be tricky to pick the right legend for the current competitive meta.

We have divided all Apex Legends into tiers to help you choose your fighter, starting with the legends you definitely want on your squad.

Apex Legends Tier List

S TierGibraltar, Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Ash
A TierWraith, Horizon, Octane, Seer, Mad Maggie
B TierPathfinder, Lifeline, Mirage, Revenant
C TierWattson, Bangalore
D TierFuse, Caustic, Rampart, Loba

Apex Legends has long struggled with balance at the competitive level, but skilled players can have a serious impact with a decent variety of characters these days. The top tier includes characters that offer everything from bulk to mobility to DPS and there’s similarly strong diversity from there. Here is the freshest Apex Legends tier list.

D Tier- Fuse, Caustic, Rampart, Loba

Fuse may be a fun character to play with a unique power to carry extra grenades, but he’s not viable when climbing ranks. His kit can easily be shut down when playing against better legends. Caustic, Rampart, and Loba also fail to bring anything unique to the table in Defiance. The players can always opt for legends like Wattson, Gibraltar, and Lifeline. 

C Tier- Wattson, Bangalore

Wattson is just a better version of Caustic, a legend struggling himself in a bit lower on the tier list. Previously, the Wattson served great support in higher-ranked lobbies, but she’s not the smartest pick in Defiance. The same is the case with Bangalore, whose kit isn’t too unique. She’s easy to counter, and other legends can do her job more efficiently. 

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B Tier- Pathfinder, Lifeline, Mirage, Revenant

Lifeline and Pathfinder are picked generously, but their kits have lost the previous charm after several nerfs. Both the characters are valid in certain situations, so skilled players often go for other legends. Meanwhile, Mirage continues to struggle despite a rework. The clone-loving legend may need more tweaks to enter higher tiers in competitive play. 

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Revenant is the only legend in B-tier that has the potential to annihilate enemies across all ranks. His power to cancel an enemy’s utility still makes him a worthy contender against other legends. 

A Tier- Wraith, Horizon, Octane, Seer, Mad Maggie

Octane and Wraith are ruling Apex competitive in Season 12. Both the legends are picked heavily since they almost always deliver. According to Apexlegendsstatus, Octane is heavily favored for his aggression and wild mobility kit in the recent season. The massive outlands of Apex are nothing for this beast as he stims around the arenas.

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Octane beats Wraith by just 0.5% among the top-picked legends list in Season 12. The interdimensional skirmisher is another offensive legend that creates portals and warns teammates of danger before it strikes. Horizon also warrants wins with her offensive kit that pulls enemies from the ground. 

Seer and Mad Maggie are still new to the roster, but they’re viable enough to break into A-Tier. While Seer is the perfect information broker, Mad Maggie’s drill and unbridled anger have helped her become a star legend. 

S Tier- Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Ash

Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Valkyrie, and Ash ultimately bolster chances of winning with their complex kits that specialize in keeping enemies at bay. Gibraltar sees a low pick rate in lower-ranked lobbies, but his high learning curve warrants wins. The defensive legend plays a crucial role in creating a protective screen around the playmakers. 

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Bloodhound and Valkyrie are must-pick in high stake games. Both legends gather intel that carries their team to victory. Ash is the locked offensive character that falls into S-tier for her damage-dealing and portal powers. She’s currently the only aggressive legend that is beyond viable in high-ranked games. Ash has quickly found her place in competitive Apex matches despite being new.


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