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The best and worst maps in XDefiant

By Olivia Richman


Jun 11, 2024

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XDefiant is full of exciting factions, abilities, and maps based on Ubisoft’s most popular games. But not every map is created equal. Here are the best maps in XDefiant as well as the least popular options.

Best maps in XDefiant


Pueblito is a fan-favorite map, featuring an abandoned little town that creates a grid pattern that feels straightforward and balanced. Players love the blend of building cover and open alleys, creating dynamic gunplay and varied strategies.


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Based on a vacant mall from The Division, Emporium features multiple floors and open areas, making it a bit of a complex map to master. It has created a lot of chaotic fun for players but may not be the most balanced.


This rubble-filled map has multiple levels that make it a great map for sniping as well as many angles to create more options for those looking to approach the middle point. It can be a bit of a challenge, especially since snipers love to watch the lower area from above. You’ll definitely be kept on your toes.


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A dynamic map that changes depending on where the teams meet, Nudelplex offers a ton of interesting options for varied gameplay thanks to its blend of indoor and outdoor areas. Gamers love to sneak behind cover in Nudleplex but others have found the perfect places to snipe.

Worst maps in XDefiant

Echelon HQ

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This Splinter Cell map is focused on sneaking with its narrow passages and air ducts, but gamers are not a fan of how games have been played out. The middle feels like an overwhelming bomb-filled mess thanks to how small the area is and a lot of frustrating opportunities for flanking throughout the map. Playing defensively can feel exhausting.

Attica H

This map has an underwhelming layout that many gamers haven’t enjoyed. It can feel like only one strategy works here, making it not the most dynamic location. You will often find both teams eventually fighting for the middle point.


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While created for simplicity, gamers are not really enjoying Arena’s layout. The amount of corners to peek around has made Arena a favorite amongst excessive bombers and shotgun wielders.


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