The best and most fun ult combos in Ultimate Spellbook

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 14, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

The newest League of Legends game mode, Ultimate Spellbook, is now live for testing on the PBE and players are already starting to find strong and fun new ultimate interactions. 

As the new game mode provides every player with an extra ultimate chosen from a select pool of champions, the game mode is completely different from the usual Summoner’s Rift experience. Not only is the pace much faster, but all champions can do different and unexpected things. 

With the game mode still being in its early stages, a lot of combos seem way too powerful compared to others. Part of the fun on the PBE is in discovering new combinations, and maybe even some buggy interactions. 

Ekko and Skarner ult is a deadly combination in Ultimate Spellbook

The first combo worth looking at in Ultimate Spellbook involves Ekko and Skarner, and is one that will potentially drag an opponent all the way back to the fountain. If pulled off, this will be a guaranteed kill and a fun clip to show friends. All it takes is playing Ekko and the chance to pick Skarner’s ultimate Impale. 

To pull off the combo, a few things have to happen. First, Ekko will need teleport as his summoner spell. This will allow Ekko to teleport to a lane, quickly grab an opponent with Impale and instantly use his own ultimate Chronobreak to return to the fountain with the enemy still impaled. To make this combo succeed, Ekko has to pull off the combo before 4 seconds of him teleporting in. After four seconds, his image will have followed him to the lane. So if pulled off incorrectly, Ekko will be left looking like a fool. 

Surprise the enemy with Nocturn plus Neeko ult

Get ready for a fun combo that will surprise anyone. It’s Nocturne with Neeko’s Pop Blossom (R) ult, which can turn Nocturne into a flying nightmare. The combo is actually pretty simple, as Nocturne can charge his own Paranoia (R) and pop the Pop Blossom right before charging in on the target. 

Because of the cast time on Pop Blossom, Nocturne can reach his target just in time for the ult to pop. This provides the opponent with no chance of a reaction, especially because of the darkness that Paranoia creates. No opponent will see this one coming. If timed correctly, Nocturne can win a fight on his own by charging in and hitting several enemies with the burst damage from Pop Blossom. 

Mundo plus Cho’Gath ult makes an unstoppable beast

Next up is the newly updated Dr. Mundo who is both fun and strong on his own. But with Cho’Gath’s ult Feast (R), Mundo suddenly turns into a terror on the map that can potentially kill anyone with a true damage execute. Besides dealing tons of damage to a single target, Mundo will also grow in health and size just as Cho’Gath normally does. This makes it possible to create a giant-sized Mundo that will run around and chase down every opponent. 

With Mundo’s own ultimate Maximum Dosage, it’s almost impossible to get away as a squishy target. This turns the Madman of Zaun into a very tanky assassin.  

Can’t run from Yuumi with Nunu ultimate

A champion that will likely have a lot of fun interactions in Ultimate Spellbook is Yuumi. The enchanter support is used to stick to a teammate while sustaining and dishing out poke damage. In Ultimate Spellbook, this can be quite different as Yuumi’s summoner spell ultimate can be an unpleasant surprise for her opponents. 

One of the strongest so far is when Yuumi has Nunu’s Absolute Zero. While Yuumi is attached to a teammate, she can cast Absolute Zero while the teammate is still moving around. This turns Nunu’s usual ultimate into a moving AOE burst. If combined correctly, Yuumi can potentially take out a whole team with this ultimate all by herself, as long as a teammate is ready to run into the opponent while it’s charging.  

Yasuo can set himself up with Gragas ultimate

The last combo to look for in Ultimate Spellbook involves Yasuo. The popular solo queue champion is often relying on his teammates to set him up for an ultimate, but this is no longer needed in Ultimate Spellbook. 

With the right luck, Yasuo can get a Gragas ultimate from the start of the game and set himself up for a big combo. Yasuo will simply have to cast the Gragas Explosive Cask (R) and follow it up with his own Last Breath (R). This means that Yasuo no longer needs a Malphite, Alistar, or other champions with knock-up to enable him. 

Among the Ultimate Spellbook pool are also champions such as Yone, Rell, and Azir that can work great in combination with Last Breath.

As Ultimate Spellbook develops on the PBE and hits the live servers, it’s expected that a plethora of other combos will be discovered.


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