The 6 most popular Twitch gaming streamers in Singapore in 2024

By William Davis


Feb 6, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

In 2024, there are 8.36 million active streamers on Twitch, but some are just hard to miss. Here are our top picks of Twitch streamers from Singapore.

Twitch had an incredible 2023. With some ups and downs and a dash of controversy, Twitch retained its standing as the biggest game streaming platform. More streamers joined the Amazon-owned platform to showcase their talent, but some are in a league of their own.

Thanks to its global popularity, there are a few Singaporean streamers to watch out for in 2024 who are set to become the most popular in the country. 

Biggest names in Singapore Twitch streaming

One of the most well-known esports streamers in Singapore is Kimberly, who goes by the name of Softkhor. She has amassed over 8,000 followers on Twitch and over 10,000 on Instagram and regularly streams sessions of games like Valorant and Fortnite (amongst many others). Softkhor is not new to the Twitch world: in fact, she was named one of Singapore’s most popular streams back in 2022 – a title she’s sure to keep hold of!

Many Twitch streamers will play many different games rather than just sticking to one genre. For instance, lots of online casinos are now accepting players from Singapore, which means we’re likely to see more gambling games live-streamed directly to Singaporean audiences! For someone like Supercatkei, who is the fastest-growing streamer in the country, it’s likely that we may see more games like this on her channel.

Many streamers in SG juggle other hobbies alongside Twitch. Stanley, also known by his username crying_orange, is a great example of this. He is also a qualified Muay Thai instructor but is currently signed to an eSports talent agency called Emerge and is focusing on becoming one of the most popular streamers in Singapore. 

Another familiar name to most gamers in Singapore is Melissa, or Melvallous as she’s better known. Not only is she a successful streamer, with well over 7,000 followers on Twitch, but she also created the Ardent gaming collective and is a successful DJ! She streams a wide variety of gaming content (more than 200 games), including Call of Duty and Stardew Valley.

Next up is Fatboychard, whose real name is Richard. He does not necessarily fit into the definition of a gaming broadcaster, but he is still one of the most-watched Singaporeans on Twitch. He is an expert on all things keyboards and streams educational videos showcasing his own custom creations. His videos are ideal to watch in between streaming games, and it’s easy to see why so many tune in.

We couldn’t speak about the most popular Singaporean streamers without mentioning JulynnLau. She goes live every single day on Twitch, which has earned her 35,600 followers (a number that increases daily). As well as playing a range of different games, she also regularly uses the Just Chatting feature, which enables her to interact with her viewers.


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