Tfue reveals the reason why he hasn’t been streaming Fortnite

Olivia Richman • August 7, 19:36

Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s fans have noticed that the popular streamer has been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Warzone, and not much Fortnite.

With over 8.85 million followers, Tfue has become quite famous on Twitch for his Fortnite streams. So a lot of his fans have been wondering why he’s decided to start playing a first-person shooter title instead of the popular third-person battle royale, especially when it was Fortnite that skyrocketed him to such extreme popularity. 

When one follower decided to call Fortnite “trash” in his chat, Tfue used it as an excuse to finally open up about his drastic change in content. 

“Fortnite is fucking ass, bro,” Tfue responded. “Bro, you guys have to understand, a lot of these kids that play Fortnite now, they weren’t playing Fortnite when I was playing Fortnite. I’ve been playing Fortnite ever since that shit came out.”

Tfue explained that he can’t just play one single game, not even Fortnite, for several years straight. He said that two or three years is the max for him playing a single game.

“You can’t play it for five years straight. You’ll lose your god damn mind,” Tfue said. 

When another follower asked if he would ever play Fortnite again, Tfue didn’t respond. For now, it’s unclear if the former Fortnite pro will ever return to the battle royale, or if he will continue to explore other games. 

His recent Call of Duty streams have proven to be quite popular with his followers. On August 6, Tfue had 110,000 unique views during his seven-hour stream. The Call of Duty stream also had 17,400 concurrent viewers at its peak. 

Tfue Call of Duty stream

Last month, Tfue had a 5.3 hour Fortnite stream on July 1. The stream had 64,801 concurrent viewers at its peak and 238,207 unique views. A Fortnite stream on June 1 had a little over 41,000 viewers at its peak with 315,663 unique viewers. While there are many variables at play here, it’s clear that Tfue gets more views when he’s playing Fortnite. But at least for the time being, the streaming star seems more concerned with enjoying the game he’s playing than maximizing his viewership.


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