TFT patch 11.4 lowers Yasuo, Fiora carry power, buffs Cultists

By Steven Rondina


Feb 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends patch 11.4 is here and it has brought some major changes to Teamfight Tactics.

After previously teasing nerfs to a long list of Divine units and go-to carries for Dragonsoul and Assassin compositions, Riot Games has come through with the full patch notes for patch 11.4. The meta is set for a big enough shakeup that players will basically need to relearn the game entirely.

The biggest change came to the Chosen system. Chosen units now have a higher chance of appearing while their various stat boosts are being weakened. The rationale behind these changes is to make it easier to change compositions mid-game while making it less of a disaster when someone commits to a build but can’t roll a suitable Chosen unit.

The other big changes came to traits. The majority of traits received nerfs to their synergy bonuses, with Assassins having lower crit chances, Brawlers’ extra health and damage being reduced, and so on. The only trait that received a buff was Cultist, which came in the form of increased magic resistance for the nine-Cultist summon, Supreme Overlord Galio.

Nasus, Yasuo, Fiora are biggest losers of patch 11.4 in TFT

The biggest change to champions in TFT patch 11.4 came to tier-one champions that found regular use as carries. Yasuo and Nidalee were very strong carry options within their traits while Nasus, Fiora, and Wukong were all very powerful in their own rights. All of them have been dealt nerfs and their strength moving forward will more closely reflect tier-one status.

The Fabled-Vanguard composition got major buffs with Braum, Nautilus, and Neeko. Neeko in particular was the biggest beneficiary. Her tools were repackaged to make her stronger without the buff from having three Fabled units.

In terms of carries that start popping up later in the game, Shyvana and Katarina also got nerfed. Go-to Dragonsoul carry Shyvana was hammered with reductions to her health, magic resistance, and burn damage. Overpowered Assassin Katarina’s Death Lotus got a sorely needed nerf, which will see it target fewer units as she levels and deal less damage at three stars.

Tier-five units got a mix of buffs and nerfs. Yone will hit significantly harder moving forward while Samira’s attack range was reduced to make her less consistent.

Stattik Shiv changed in patch 11.4 to be go-to for Mages

In terms of items, the biggest change came to the Statikk Shiv. Instead of dealing bonus magic damage on every third attack, Statikk Shiv will instead have crits that lower magic resistance by 60%. That should make the item an option for comps built around spells, rather than attack speed.

Also changed was the Deathblade, which now adds only 15 damage per stack instead of 20. Gargoyle Stoneplate was buffed to give 20 armor and magic resistance instead of 15. 

The list of changes goes on, so make sure to check out the full Teamfight Tactics version 11.4 patch notes on the official website.