TFT patch 10.8 adds new galaxies and gives a massive buff to Soraka

By Melany Moncada


Apr 16, 2020

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Teamfight Tactics deployed patch 10.8 and it brings new units and new galaxies.

The highlight of patch 10.8 is the addition of Xerath, the first unit added to the game since the release of TFT: Galaxies.


  • Tier 5
  • Dark Star-Sorcerer
  • Abyssal Bombardment: Xerath summons random meteor strikes for 6/8/45 seconds. Meteors deal magic damage, if they kill an enemy, adjacents enemies take damage and get stunned for 1.5 seconds.

In the current state of the game, Sorcerers are finding great success, so Xerath’s addition to the game couldn’t be more perfect.

Patch 10.8 introduces two new galaxies to the game:

  • Trade Sector: Players get one free reroll in each round.
  • Superdense Galaxy: Upon reaching level 5, players receive a free Force of Nature.

There’s 50% greater chance to get a special galaxy versus a regular game. Trade Sector and Superdense Galaxy will appear more often than the previous galaxies.

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Trait changes in patch 10.8

 Patch 10.8 adds new tiers to six traits.

  • 9 Blademaster: 100% chance to proc
  • 9 Dark Star: 45 Attack Damage & Spell Power
  • 6 Infiltrator: 125% Bonus Attack Speed
  • 6 Protector: 45% Max Health Shield
  • 9 Rebel: 350 Shield and 15% Damage per Rebel
  • 8 Sorcerer: +125 Spell Power to team

The new tiers can be reached with the use of Spatulas, with this being more achievable with the item appearing on the carousel.

Patch 10.8 is targeting the most prevalent traits in the meta, Mech-Pilots and Cybernetic.

The Super Mech no longer takes health from the pilots. It was too easy for players to complete a three-star Annie and Rumble to form an incredibly beefy Mech. A Super Mech has seven levels now, instead of three. Finally, spell damage was reduced in the mid-levels.


  • Super Mech Health: 1800 + 50% of Pilots Health
  • Super Mech Spell Damage: 400/500/600/700/800/1200/5000

Cybernetic get less health and attack damage from the trait. This trait in particular is easy to proc since it requires the unit to be holding any item, even an incomplete one. A random sword bestowed units with a significant power spike, but this takes a bit of the edge off.


  • Health/Attack Damage (6): 750&75

Champion changes in patch 10.8

Patch 10.8 adds a new champion to the game and buffs Caitlyn, Xayah, Zoe, Annie, and Soraka.

Tier-one champions are the easiest to get to three stars, patch 10.8 is giving extra power to three key tier-one champions. Caitlyn is getting more damage on her spell. Caitlyn is a reliable source of DPS and can shred through opponents when combined with other Chrono units.


  • Ace in the Hole Damage: 750/1500/3000

Xayah is an underrated carry in TFT. Celestial units are getting a buff in patch 10.8 that will see them heal more from basic attacks. In a Celestial composition, Xayah can deal huge damage from a safe distance.


  • Deadly Plumage Attack Speed Buff: 100%/125%/150%

Sorcerer-Star Guardian is one of the top compositions in the current meta, with players stacking items on Syndra and Ahri. Zoe is getting a significant buff in this patch, so players can consider her an early-game carry.


  • Stun Duration: 2/2.5/4
  • Sleepy Trouble Bubble Damage: 200/275/400

Speaking of Sorcerers, Annie is getting a bigger shield from her spell and more armor. Even though Mech-Pilots was nerfed, getting a three-star Annie is still worth it.


Armor: 40

Galaxy Shield-Blast Shield: 270/360/540

Last but not least is Soraka, who is is quickly becoming as OP in TFT as she was in League of Legends. At three stars, Soraka gets more healing more than any champion should have. Getting a three-star Soraka is not easy though, considering she’s a four-cost unit.


  • Wish Healing: 375/550/20000

It’s not a typo, that’s a 20,000 heal, so get ready to high roll for that Soraka three.

Item changes in patch 10.8

When it comes to items in patch 10.8, the highlights are Deathblade, Tear of the Goddess, and Zeke’s Herald.

Deathblade now starts with zero stacks and grants more attack damage. In theory, it won’t affect the start of the fight that much, but it can be a huge boost once the unit starts getting some kills.


  • Starting stacks: 0
  • Attack Damage per stack: 30

Tear of the Goddess is a key item for champions that want to use their spell more than once in the game. Patch 10.8 reduces the amount of mana granted by this item and it affects all of the items that use Tear as an ingredient.

Tear of the Goddess

  • Mana: 15, All completed items adjusted accordingly

Before patch 10.8, Zeke’s Herald wasn’t really that useful. The amount of attack speed it granted could be easily obtained by playing Chrono units. This item is getting a significant buff that might benefit the compositions that use Blademasters, specifically Kayle .

Zeke’s Herald

  • Range: 1 hex
  • Zeke’s Herald Attack Speed: 30%

Riot Games launches the TFT competitive scene

Earlier this week, Riot revealed the TFT: Galaxies Championship, a global competition open to all players ranked Platinum and above. The tournament and will see 16 representatives from all over the world competing for part of a $200,000 prize pool. Each region will have its own qualifiers and online tournaments starting on the first week of May.

TFT will update one more time before the launch of the competitive scene. This is the best time to get into the competition and start grinding.


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