TFT patch 10.4 reimagines Glacial units, nerfs Crystal and Poison

Melany Moncav • February 19, 16:49

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.4 hits some of the traits that got too strong after patch 10.3, while also buffing a handful of champions and reworking the Glacial trait.

Rather than attacking the specific units, Patch 10.4 nerfs some of Predators’ stronger traits, including Poison and Crystal, with increased mana costs and an altered damage threshhold. While that’s a hard hit, the buff given to Kog’Maw in TFT patch 10.3 is likely to keep Predators in a strong position going forward.


  • Mana Increase: 33%


  • Damage Threshold: 110/60

These two changes do not target Predators specifically, but instead, the traits that work as compliments for Predators. Instead of going for Poison and Crystal, it might be a good time to go for Steel since Nocturne is getting buffed.


  • Attack Speed: 0.8

Glacial rework in patch 10.4

TFT patch 10.4 reworks the Glacial trait to make it more dynamic and impactful in the game.


  • Chance to Stun: 25% at all levels. 75/175/350 bonus Magic Damage on stun.

Glacial units often go for physical damage builds and those are easy to counter with enough armor. Adding the extra bonus encourages players to go for different builds and diversifies Glacials’ damage sources.

If that buff is not tempting enough to try a Glacial composition on its own, patch 10.4 also buffs Olaf.


  • Health: 850
  • Spell Bonus Attack Speed: 125%/150%/450%

Olaf has significantly more health and can still be impactful at one star.

Champion balance changes in TFT patch 10.4 hit Senna and Lucian

One of the highlights of patch 10.4 came to the gun-slinging power couple, Senna and Lucian. When the Souldbound treat was released, it caught the attention of players because of its strong carry potential. In previous patches, Senna and Lucian were buffed or nerfed through their traits, but were never changed directly. This is the first time Senna and Lucian have received direct changes of this type.


  • Ally Damage Bonus: 20/45/70


  • Spell Attack Damage Ratio: 0.5/0.5/0.5

Patch 10.4 is the perfect opportunity to revisit the Soulbound trait.

The full patch notes can be found on Riot Games’ website.


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