TFT Galaxies mid-set update adds 14 new champions, brings new meta

By Melany Moncada


Jun 5, 2020

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The TFT: Galaxies mid-set update is hitting, and Riot Games has shared all of the details about the new elements in the game.

Riot is taking a different approach to TFT: Galaxies when it comes to the new content available in the set. In previous sets, Riot added new champions and traits over the course of the set’s duration. This time, all new content comes in a massive bundle that will completely change the game’s meta.

TFT: Galaxies mid-set update arrives with Patch 10.12

 TFT: Galaxies mid-set update arrives to the live server on June 10 with patch 10.12 and it’s available right now on the PBE.

Who’s leaving TFT: Galaxies?

For the first time, TFT is removing champions in the middle of the set. The idea is to make room for other champions and not have multiple champions with similar traits in the game.

Valkyries and Void units are out of the game. These two traits are being replaced with new ones. Sona, Kassadin, and Lux are also getting removed from the game. In total, the game is removing nine champions and adding 14 new ones.

New champions, old traits

Three of the new champions coming to TFT: Galaxies are part of existing traits. The new champions are:

  • Vayne (Tier 3, Cybernetic, Sniper)
  • Zed (Tier 2, Rebel, Infiltrator)
  • Riven (Tier 4, Chrono, Blademaster)

New traits and champions

The two new traits are Battlecast and Astro.

Battlecast (2/4/6)

After taking of dealing 10 instances of damage, Battlecast units trigger an effect based on their health. If the units are above half health, they deal bonus magic damage. If they’re below that threshold, the units will heal instead.

  • Illaoi (Tier, 1 Brawler)
  • Nocturne (Tier 2, Infiltrator)
  • Kog’Maw (Tier 2, Blaster)
  • Cassiopeia (Tier 3, Mystic)
  • Viktor (Tier 4, Sorcerer)
  • Urgot (Tier 5, Protector)

Nocturne and Kog’Maw are back in TFT, but this time with a new look. Battlecast is proving to be a strong trait, and many players on the PBE are using it as a base for compositions. This trait can work with Brawlers, Protectors, Celestials, Chronos, and more. Battlecast has a good frontline and potential carries, so it’s better go for at least four Battlecast and then start building around that.

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Astro (3)

Astro units reduce their ability mana costs by 30.

  • Nautilus (Tier 2, Vanguard)
  • Bard (Tier 3, Mystic)
  • Gnar (Tier 4, Brawler)
  • Teemo (Tier 4, Sniper)

Astro champions bring a broad variety of skills to the table like crowd control, AOE damage, and stuns. The most interesting piece is Bard, as while he might not be a great carry or even front liner, this champion creates little meeps that players can sell for extra XP.

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Astro units are not great on their own, and they require additional back up in the form of a front line and a carry that deals more damage.

Janna is a new Legendary TFT unit

Miss Fortune is out, so TFT is adding Janna as a new legendary unit.

  • Janna (Tier 5, Star Guardian, Paragon)

As a Paragon, Janna converts basic attacks from the team into magic damage. This is a great option for dealing with enemies that stack armor, like Vanguards. Janna feels like a game changer even if she doesn’t have the same carry potential as did Miss Fortune.

The TFT: Galaxies mid-set update goes live on June 10.  


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