TF Blade reaches top rank on EUNE server after Challenger climb

Marta Juras • October 26, 2019 10:47 pm

Team Liquid’s League of Legends streaming top laner Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni has achieved the top rank on the European Nordic and East server as he continues his journey of becoming the best player on every server in the world.

TF Blade wants first rank across all major servers 

TF Blade started working towards his goal of becoming an undisputable best solo queue League player in the world at the beginning of this year, after consistently keeping his main North American account in the top rank in Challenger for a good while.

He decided to climb to the number one spot in NA, European servers, Oceania, and eventually Korea. After conquering NA, the star top laner did the same in Latin America North, EU West, EUNE, and continues to try to do so in other major regions.

TF Blade was also on his way to the top rank in Turkey, reaching the second position before his account was suspended following controversy in which other players targeted his account and TF Blade retaliated with potentially offensive language.

EUNE server conquered by TF Blade

A few months ago, TF Blade reached number one rank on EUW only 15 days after creating the account. Now he has also conquered the EUNE server. As he shared on Twitter, he climbed from Diamond 1 to the top ten after several consecutive days spent playing.

TF Blade is slowly but surely building a name for himself as the king of the top lane. Even DAMWON Gaming’s world-class top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon shared his admiration for TF Blade in an interview, saying his mechanics are very impressive. His fans and viewers are excited about future streams from the Korean servers, where he will potentially face the highest levels of play. 

Although he’s ultimately achieving his goals and keeps his stream growing, the path hasn’t always been smooth. TF Blade’s suspension from the Turkish servers after raging at other players that were deliberately making him lose games was a particular hurdle. He also recently got suspended from Twitch for similar offenses.

He admitted to his angry mistakes, saying that the frustration and pressure from the ranked climb resulted in him using unnecessarily derogatory words.


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