TenZ on Sentinels’ roster for Challengers 2, but is he staying?

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Sentinels has won its first match of Challengers Series 2, and Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is still on the active roster. Many fans are now wondering if TenZ is going to stay with the team, and how the connected investigation into suspended player Jay “sinatraa” Won is going. 

TenZ is currently on loan from Cloud9 to fill in for Sinatraa, who is under investigation after being accused of sexual assault. Fans were excited to watch TenZ play for Sentinels in the Masters event, but now that he is on the roster still for Challengers Stage 2, the question of TenZ’s status on the team has gained in prominence. 

Sentinels competitive manager Kevin Jeon told WIN.gg that Sentinels was not ready to release any new information on TenZ’s future with the organization just yet. He also declined to comment on the pending investigation into sinatraa.

TenZ talked about his contract with Sentinels in a Twitch stream right after Masters and revealed that the contract loaned him to Sentinels for a period of one month. Because Masters started less than a month ago, he is still on contract with Sentinels, but it is unclear exactly when this contract ends, and how far he can go with Sentinels without a new agreement. 

Does TenZ want to leave C9 to go pro with Sentinels?

In interviews with press, TenZ has repeatedly said that he wants to remain a professional Valorant player. He has also said that he would like to remain with Sentinels. However, it is likely that TenZ will come at a large cost to Sentinels if they wish to keep him. He is arguably the best Valorant player in North America right now, and C9 may ask for a high price to agree to let him out of his current contract.

Currently, TenZ is still under C9’s umbrella as a content creator. There had been some rumors that TenZ wasn’t happy with the pro roster that C9 fielded, which resulted in the removal of Josh shinobi” Abastado from the squad. TenZ took to Twitter to address that narrative. 

After the first weekend of Challengers Series 2 matches, there is a possibility that news about TenZ will be released, since his month-long contract will be up. For now, TenZ remains on Sentinels’ roster and continues to play with the team. 


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