sinatraa accused of mental, sexual abuse by ex-girlfriend Cleo

By Olivia Richman


Mar 10, 2021

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Sentinals’ star Valorant player Jay “sinatraa” Won has been accused of abuse by his ex-girlfriend. 

After sinatraa spent some time telling people that he had dumped his ex Cleo, she decided to tell the community her version of events. She revealed that she was the one who broke up with sinatraa after he had mocked her for not wanting to be ignored. It seemed that this was the final straw for Cleo, who then went on to outline years of abuse at the hands of the Valorant player and former Overwatch League MVP. 

sinatraa’s former girlfriend details abuse allegations

The following discusses sexual assault and mental abuse. 

Cleo explained in an extensive Google document detailing her alleged experience with sinatraa that she was often pressured to have sex even if she didn’t want to. Many times Cleo says that she would tell sinatraa “no.” sinatraa would allegedly respond by accusing her of not liking him and otherwise manipulating her into doing what he wanted out of fear that she would lose him if she didn’t.

After a while, Cleo grew tired of finding excuses to say no and let sinatraa have sex with her even though she says the act was painful due to an IUD. For Cleo, it was better than being guilted and pressured. Cleo provided an audio recording in the document that had her telling sinatraa “no” multiple times. Instead of listening, he pressured her to let him “finish.” 

“I should have fought him more. I should have physically pushed him. But he was my boyfriend. I loved him. I knew if I stood up for myself he would leave me,” Cleo said. 

Sinatraa abuse

She also discussed the mental abuse she went through with sinatraa. Cleo shared screenshots of him tracking her with a GPS, accusing her of cheating and lying, and pressuring her into deleting a tweet he called “retarded.” Cleo had said something encouraging about the Houston Outlaws on Twitter during a match against San Francisco Shock while sinatraa was in the Overwatch League.

“Type whatever the fuck you want on Twitter,” sinatraa texted her after he saw the tweet. “Retarded? Holy shit.” 

Cleo also explained how afraid she was to say her feelings or concerns since sinatraa would twist it to be her fault. After their breakup he even told people that she was “crazy” and painted himself out to be a “caring boyfriend.” 

“It might be a year later but I’m dealing with the damage he did to me every single day,” Cleo said. “He is a liar. He is a manipulator.”

Cleo said that she was having nightmares about her experiences and was going to a therapist.

Cleo also said that she believes sinatraa is too prominent in esports for anything to come of her sharing her allegations. She feels that people idolize him despite his public toxicity and will convince themselves that her screenshots and audio recordings aren’t proof enough to validate her accusations. 

“I’m not trying to ruin his reputation,” Cleo wrote. “I’m making it more accurate.” 

The esports community has been largely supportive so far. At the time of publication, it remains unclear if Sentinels will take action based on Cleo’s accusations. sinatraa has yet to publicly response to Cleo. 

Throughout the past year, many women in the esports and gaming communities have come forward with their experiences regarding sexual assault, grooming, harassment, and other forms of abuse. Many popular players and streamers have ultimately decided to leave the spotlight after apologizing for what they did or after denying the accusations altogether. 


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