TenZ on loan to Sentinels through Valorant Challengers Finals

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Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is officially on loan to Sentinels thorugh the end of Challengers Finals, if the team makes it that far, for the Valorant Challengers Stage 2 tournament. 

TenZ is subbing in for Jay “sinatraa” Won, who is currently under investigation after accusations of sexual assault were brought about by his ex-girlfriend. The accusations came just before the start of Masters Stage 1, which meant that Sentinels needed a replacement for sinatraa. TenZ filled the spot.

Currently, TenZ is a content creator for Cloud9. He stepped down from competitive play after C9 failed to make any headway in the First Strike tournament amid rumors of his displeasure with the team’s roster. He was loaned to Sentinels by C9 for a period of one month, according to TenZ. After the first Challengers Stage 2 weekend, fans were unsure of his status on Sentinels. 

Will TenZ stay with the Sentinels Valorant roster?

Following the success of the Sentinels’ run in Masters, TenZ said in a post-match press conference that he waned to stay with the Sentinels Valorant roster, and that he enjoyed winning with his new squad.

“I do enjoy content creation, but weighing them both together, maybe for right now, I do prefer being a pro player, but also streaming on the side,” TenZ said.

Because TenZ most likely has a pricey contract buy-out, it will take more than just TenZ’s desire to sign with Sentinels for it to actually come to fruition.

There has been no word on new developments with the investigation into sinatraa yet, or what TenZ’s long-term plans are. It is possible that negotiations are happening behind the scenes, but Sentinels has thus far declined to comment on either issue. 

Sentinels is looking to qualify for the Challengers Stage 2 finals this weekend. The team failed to qualify last weekend after losing to Built By Gamers. If Sentinels fails to qualify for Challengers finals, the squad will not make an appearance in the first international Masters tournament, which is to be held in Reykjavík, Iceland.