Teemo is unstoppable in ARAM after item removal

By Melany Moncada


Jan 7, 2021

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Just when everyone thought that Teemo wasn’t the worst champion to face in League of Legends, Riot Games has made him impossible to deal with.

Teemo’s reign of terror is back in full, thanks to the removal Oracle’s Extract from ARAM in patch 10.23. Oracle’s Extract granted true sight and obscured vision of hidden enemy units for five minutes. It allowed players to detect Teemo’s mushrooms on the map and move around safely.

After the removal of Oracle’s Extract, the game introduced a new mechanic where Siege Minions grant vision as they move through the map. The Siege Minion works like a moving Oracle’s Extracts. The problem is that, like any other minion, it can be killed. Teams depend on the minions for vision, which becomes a problem once Teemo hits level six and starts filling the map with mushrooms.

While Teemo is the most notorious beneficiary of this change, it’s not the only favored champion. Jhin, Shaco, and Nidalee are also reaping the benefits from the Oracle’s Extract removal. These are champions that can set invisible traps on the map. To make things worse, it’s possible to get all four of these champions on the same team.

Despite the complaints, Riot is not considering going back on this change, so players must get used to it.

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It feels like playing against Teemo in the ARAM mode is just mission impossible. Teams must play a defensive style and wait for the Siege Minion, or they could also ignore the mushrooms and march head first into battle.

For teams with a Teemo on their ranks, there are some tricks to make his presence even more annoying.

Pick up the Minion Dematerializer rune

In ARAM, it’s not all about the damage, picking defensive options might be better in the long run. Minion Dematerializer is part of the Inspiration rune tree and it allows players to execute minions. Using this rune to target the Siege Minions from the enemy team will frustrate the opponents quickly.

Place the mushrooms in the bottom side of the map

The turrets in the Howling Abyss are placed in the middle of the lane, so minions are forced to detour. Unless minions are following a target, they tend to walk towards the top side of the map. Placing mushrooms in the bottom side puts them just out of range of vision.

Is League of Legends free?

League of Legends is a free-to-play game. Players can unlock new champions and earn rewards through in-game events and by achieving certain milestones like reaching a new level on their account. New champions and skins can also be purchased with real-world money.

What is Teemo in LoL?

Teemo is a playable champion in League of Legends. Teemo was released in February 2009 during the Alpha Week 2. Teemo is one of the first champions in the game, growing into one of the most hated champions in the game recently. 

Why is Teemo hated?

Teemo is notably the most hated champion in League of Legends. Teemo is often associated with toxic players and trolls. As an opponent, Teemo is hard to counter. Players must go for defensive items to counter the damage put up by the mushrooms and must invest in vision in order to walk around the jungle safely.


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