Teemo can permanently blind targets with patch 11.21 buffs

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After Riot Games presented the upcoming Teemo buffs for League of Legends patch 11.21, it has been shown that the swift scout can now permanently blind targets if he has enough Ability Haste built up. 

The upcoming buff to Teemo has his Blinding Dart (Q) lowered the cooldown to seven seconds while increasing the blind duration to a point that it now blinds for three seconds at maximum level. This quickly had players test out the new buffs and now it has been proven that Teemo can permanently blind targets when building the right items. 

In a recent video made by YouTuber Vandiril, it was proven that Teemo can permanently blind with Blinding Dart when he has 133 Ability Haste and the ability maxed to level five. This will put the ability on a three-second cooldown, giving Teemo the ability to shut down auto-attack champions completely.  

With these news buffs, it already seems likely that Teemo will be in a much stronger spot than previously when patch 11.21 hits. For a long time, Teemo has been a niche pick that never really found its place in the meta. With these new changes, Teemo can likely be used to counter auto-attack compositions specifically as his Blinding Dart is now much stronger.

On the current patch 11.20, Teemo is barely seen in solo queue games in ranks Platinum and higher. He is seen so rarely that the stat site u.gg isn’t even tracking his solo queue stats at those higher ranks. When looking at lower ranks, Teemo is still performing well without these buffs, but at higher ranks, these buffs seem necessary. 

If the changes will be enough to return Teemo to higher ranks or maybe even the professional stage is unknown, as he will likely only be a strong counter pick against certain champions. With that said, there’s a real chance that Teemo could be used as a counter pick from patch 11.21 on forward. 

The new Teemo changes will arrive with patch 11.21, which is set to go live on Wednesday, October 20. 


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