Teemo buffs and QOL changes expected in LoL patch 9.18

By Milo Webb


Sep 1, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends’ most feared little ball of evil may be getting some buffs come the next patch.

Riot Games design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon reached out to fans on the LoL community boards to discuss possible upcoming changes to Teemo in patch 9.18. Meddler described that the developers would be building these buffs off of a much larger rework that the team explored earlier this year.

“Focus here however is more on useability/clarity and fixing some points of unneeded frustration, rather than attempting to reshape his strengths and weaknesses a bit as well,” Meddler said.

Changes coming Teemo in the new LoL patch


The first change to Teemo is purely visual. The yordle’s Q now leaves blinded enemies with a light green tint on their screen to make it clearer that they’re blinded. This is less of a buff to the small scout and more of a helping hand to other players who may have a hard time noticing the little alert indicating their champion has been blinded.

Meddler next plans to add a clear timer for Teemo’s W, to help measure the remaining duration of the movement speed buff.

The biggest change, and the main buff, are concentrated on the yordle’s ultimate ability.

Meddler explains that Teemo’s max shroom ammo will now scale at 3/4/5 instead of remaining at 3 throughout the game. The toxic fungus will also no longer explode on a Scuttlecrab if the monster is not in active combat. Additionally, the new shrooms will bounce multiple times off of other shrooms instead of just once. They also check for nearby enemies more frequently than before.

These changes aim to make Teemo’s buffed shrooms feel more responsive and trigger more often. 

These buffs to the yordle overlord of Summoner’s Rift will likely please some and anger others, but Meddler reminds players that these buffs aren’t necessarily guaranteed to ship. So don’t start complaining about your next games being ruined just yet.