Teamfight Tactics Mobile closed beta, release plans revealed

By Devon Huge


Feb 8, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is set to come out in March, but a closed beta was abruptly launched less than 24 hours ago.

TFT Mobile will be cross-compatible with other devices, carrying over all forms of progress including rank and inventory in most regions.

The only exception are players on the Chinese and southeast Asian servers. Garena will still support PC TFT players, but mobile will not have the same benefits. SEA players will need to wait until Riot finishes setting up the proper infrastructure in order to play on mobile. This includes requirements such as servers and support staff.

TFT Mobile can run on Apple devices of iPhone 6S or later. Android users with OS5+ and 2 GB of RAM will also be able to run the game. Tablets are not currently supported, but access to the game will be improved with time.

The game will change no gameplay features from the main client. Riot’s goal is to keep players on even footing, changing as little as possible from platform to platform. The only omission will be in-game chat, but players will still be able to use communicative emotes. In-game microtransactions will also be limited, but Riot is seeking to remedy this in the near future.

Also included in TFT Mobile will be a simplified UI and softened visual style compared to the main LoL client. New menus and ways to interact with the game are being introduced to better support touchscreen play.

Teamfight Tactics launched in June 2019 shortly after the auto battler craze began with Drodo Studio’s Dota Auto Chess. Less than a year later, TFT’s anticipated mobile edition will be hitting the community to the delight of League of Legends fans. With additional titles like Wild Rift set to hit mobile as well, summoners have much to be excited about.