Teamfight Tactics is live in North America and Europe on June 26

Steven Rondina • June 26, 2019 9:58 pm

The staggered launch of Teamfight Tactics has hit North American shores.

Riot Games’ take on the rapidly growing Auto Chess genre is now available for fans in North America, Oceania, and Japan. The game will also soon hit Europe and Russia.

Though the game has now launched and is available for players to try out, a number of restrictions have been made in order to prevent server issues. Riot put out a statement on the official League of Legends message board with information on the differences between regions.

The beta of Teamfight Tactics will also include a free “Little Legend” as a potential reward for players. This will not be available until after the game is made fully operational, and games played beforehand will not count towards earning these rewards.

This is welcome news for fans of League of Legends that have been looking forward to trying out the game, but the launch has been rocky. TFT has been mired by disconnection issues and long queue times. Still, time was of the essence for Riot Games and the company had a short window to make the game available to fans.

Dota Auto Chess has been one of the biggest successes of 2019 to this point. The custom game mode in Dota 2 attracted millions of players to sample its deep and tactically nuanced experience and has inspired an entire genre in the months since.

The game mode’s original designer Drodo Studio has launched a standalone version of Auto Chess on mobile devices, while Valve created its own take on Auto Chess in Dota Underlords. Both games are being heavily promoted by their creators and are available across multiple platforms, which required Riot Games to scramble to get their own version of the game out before the proverbial ship set sail.

Players in North America can try out Teamfight Tactics now by downloading it through the League of Legends client on June 26. The game will be available worldwide by June 28.


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