Team SoloMid out of Worlds 2020 after second loss to Fnatic

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Fnatic put the final nail in the Team SoloMid coffin at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, mathematically eliminating the LCS team from contention for a spot in the knockout stage. 

It was do or die for TSM as the team entered the last day of games in group C. TSM started out the first week with three losses, so they couldn’t afford another loss. Going 3-0 on the day was a hard task but it was TSM’s only possible avenue for advancing. That day would have to start with a win over Fnatic. 

TSM out of Worlds 2020 after four losses

Just like the first game against Fnatic, TSM managed to play evenly in the early game with some chances of getting a lead going. As the game progressed, things crumbled for TSM once again. Despite getting a few kills, TSM did not play the map correctly and gave away too many objectives. 

Fnatic managed to get three dragons in just 16 minutes, after stealing the third one away from TSM. These kinds of blunders for TSM have been a constant throughout the tournament and is a big reason why they are going home early. 

Fnatic kept winning all the team fights and even got the Ocean Soul after just 22 minutes. The power of the European squad was too much for a TSM squad that wasn’t performing well, and likely would have struggled against Fnatic on its best day regardless. 

With the fourth loss, TSM is officially out of contention at Worlds and will have to play out the last games for nothing more than pride. On the other hand, Fnatic now sits at the top of group C with a 3-1 record. 

TSM failed to deliver as a team at Worlds 2020

TSM never got to show any coordinated teamwork in Worlds 2020. They had a few good fights and dives, but lacked the teamwork needed against international competition. All teams in group C exposed TSM whenever they entered the mid and late game, executing team fights at a much higher level. 

TSM also seemed to crumble under pressure as soon as they fell behind. The team had some decent early games and leads to build off of, but never managed to snowball the game properly. 

Teams like Fnatic, LGD Gaming, and Gen.G will punish that and come back into the game. When one player on TSM made a mistake, it became a domino effect that sent the entire team tumbling. 

TSM exits their first Worlds in years with a roundly disappointing performance, despite coming in as the first seed from the LCS. TSM still has a chance to play spoiler, but the team’s fate is now sealed.