Team Liquid’s League of Legends squad has a lot to say in AMA

By Olivia Richman


Jan 31, 2020

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Team Liquid’s League of Legends team took a break from scrimming to take part in an extensive AMA on Discord. Eon-young “Impact” Jeong, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, and Yongin “CoreJJ” Jo joined substitute jungler Shern “Shernfire” Tai to answer questions about the LCS, League of Legends, and each other.

Fans also got to learn that Doublelift’s favorite Pokemon is Psyduck. Do with that information what you will. 

Team Liquid talks teammates and the LCS

Fans were curious to see how Team Liquid felt the Spring Split would go. Doublelift said that Team Liquid would finish at the top, followed by Cloud9 and then Dignitas. Jensen agreed, except he put Team SoloMid in third place instead. Shernfire questionably predicted FlyQuest for third place. 

The AMA session then turned to the new LCS schedule. Impact simply stated that “Spring doesn’t matter.” 

The top North Ameircan squad had a lot to say about their teammates. One fan asked how it was playing with Shernfire, and Doublelift answered that he’s “an animal.” Shernfire claimed that he’s “the best jungler in the world.” 

One fan decided to specifically direct a question at CoreJJ, asking what the difference is between North American and Korean supports. 

“Two years ago, Korea had CoreJJ. Now North America has CoreJJ,” CoreJJ answered. 

When it comes to getting pumped before a scrim or match, Shernfire listens to Attack on Titan and other anime songs while CoreJJ listens to K-Pop. 

The Team Liquid crew was then asked how they will get out of groups at this year’s World Championship. Doublelift said his team will hopefully carry him. 

“Getting out of groups doesn’t matter,” CoreJJ said. “Only winning Worlds.” 

Team Liquid talks League of Legends

One fan asked the players about the state of the game itself, and most of the squad had some strong opinions on the “worst part” of League of Legends.

Doublelift said “ADC IS USELESS” while Jensen commented on there being “too many OP champs.” Shernfire said it sucks fighting for the Rift Herald. CoreJJ said the worst part is supporting Doublelift, continuing to show off his humorously toxic personality. 

Another fan asked CoreJJ what he hates about Doublelift, and he said he doesn’t like when Doublelift “hits turrets” instead of following him. 

“I need to follow my master. I’m just a dog,” Doublelift admitted. 

It seems like being toxic is working for Team Liquid, because CoreJJ said his goal is to become even more toxic when a fan asked what changes they are making to improve this season. 

Team Liquid discusses new dragons, worst champions

When a question came up about the current meta changes, specifically dragons, Impact said he “doesn’t know what dragons is” as a top laner. Shernfire said that the fourth dragon makes teamfights fun. Jensen said that it doesn’t seem to have changed much, but he enjoys having less RNG. 

If the Team Liquid squad could have any champion removed from the game, CoreJJ said Aurelion Sol “so I can be rank 1,” a reflection of CoreJJ’s ongoing quest to achieve the top rank in North American solo queue.

Jensen suggested deleting tricky stealth champion Shaco, which Doublelift and CoreJJ immediately agreed with. Impact said Rengar and Shernfire said both Shaco and Rengar, because of the “one trick streamers.” Apparently, the Liquid players are not a fan of camouflage.

Another fan asked them what their favorite skin was. Doublelift immediately said “none.” Impact pointed out that no skin looks good to Doublelift, but that he personally liked Bloodmoon Aatrox. Shernfire said Tyrant Swain, Jensen pointed to Nightbriger Yasuro, and CoreJJ said Firefighter Trastana. 

One League of Legends player asked who the best mid lane champion is for climbing. 

“Syndra is pretty good,” Jensen responded. “The best solo queue champs are roaming champs, so something harder would be Aurelion Sol or Taliyah. The best way to climb is to play what you’re comfortable with and master it.” 

Team Liquid gets personal with fans

Many fans were curious about Team Liquid outside of the LCS Arena. One fan asked which player could hold their liquor the best. 

“Not me or Jensen,” Doublelift responded. “Either CoreJJ or Impact.” 

CoreJJ agreed it was himself, while Impact said it was Jensen. Shernfire just knew it wasn’t himself because he gets “red cheeks.” 

Another fan asked the Team Liquid roster if they liked to watch other pro gamers. Jensen said it’s boring, while Shernfire said it depends on the stakes. Doublelift turned the question on the fan, asking him, “I don’t know, you tell me. Is it fun?” 

When it comes down to learning and improving, though, Jensen watches Bjergsen. Shernfire said he watches Bjergsen, too, to see “how he does things better than Jensen.” 

One fan asked the boys what their favorite gift from a fan was. CoreJJ said he likes to get letters, as does Doublelift. Jensen said his favorite gift was a “Twisted Fate plushie that looked like me.” Shernfire told fans he’s still waiting for his first gift. 

When a fan asked what he would like as a gift, Shernfire said $10,000 in cash. 

While they may not like watching other players stream League of Legends, Doublelift said he likes to work out, Jensen likes to play ping pong, CoreJJ prefers listening to music, Shernfire likes practicing Ju Jitsu, and Impact just watches YouTube. 

A League of Legends player asked Team Liquid’s roster how they can become a pro themselves.

Try not to stop learning. Figure out what you can do differently. Don’t blame teammates. Focus on improving. Don’t quit your job,” Doublelift advised. 

CoreJJ said to “stop running it down in solo” or they will “suck.”

DM Doublelift for tryouts,” Shernfire suggested. 


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