Team Liquid’s CoreJJ: “If we beat FlyQuest, we can win LCS again”

By Olivia Richman


Feb 2, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Team Liquid has not been at the top of their game. Support Yong-In “CoreJJ” Jo wasn’t too happy after his team lost to Dignitas to start their second week in the 2020 LCS Spring Split.

The game was close though, and CoreJJ told that his team is not about to roll over just yet. Not with their eyes already on their match with FlyQuest tomorrow. 

How are you feeling after the loss today? 

CoreJJ: Of course, it’s pretty frustrating. We should have won. We had many chances to win. It sucks. 

What do you think happened at the beginning that had you guys failing to respond to Dignitas’ early game pressure? 

In the early game, there wasn’t much we could have done. They had control in the early game. It was just really hard to react properly. They got the advantage.  

How are you feeling about your team’s performance in the Spring Split so far? 

We are definitely not doing super good, but we seem to be getting better and better as the Split goes on. 

Do you feel like Blue is helping with team morale? 

Every time that I see Blue, I feel happy that we have a really cool mascot. 

Do you know when Broxah is going to start playing with you guys at the LCS?

I have no idea. 

How do you think the team’s performance will be when Broxah gets to LA? Do you think you will see an improvement with him on the roster? 

I’m not sure. I know he’s a really good player and I really want to play with him right now. But unfortunately, I haven’t scrimmed with him in person yet. But I hope we can do better. 

Wow, not at all? Did anyone on the team have a chance to scrim with him in the offseason? 

Not at all. 

Are you nervous about how it will be to play with him on stage? 

I’m just wondering. I just want to meet him. 

Do you think your team feels pressure to perform because Team Liquid is seen as the top team? 

I used to feel pressure over that. I used to feel nervous that we have to win. But maybe not anymore. Nobody expects us to win right now. We can start from the bottom. 

Then who is the strongest team? 

Cloud9 seems good. I think Cloud9 and FlyQuest. They seem good. 

FlyQuest is not a team people expected to hear that about.

They have a clear win condition. I think they are doing really well. 

How do you think you will do against them tomorrow? 

If we win against them tomorrow, then we will be one of the contenders to win LCS again. But if we lose tomorrow, I think we need some time to recover from our performance.


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