Team Liquid’s CoreJJ announces marriage to longtime girlfriend

Olivia Richman • November 7, 2020 10:57 pm

League of Legends pro Yongin “CoreJJ” Jo might be married to the game, but not legally. 

The Team Liquid support announced this morning that he has married his longtime girlfriend. Fans of CoreJJ likely recognize his partner, as the two have been public for a long while. 

“I’m happy to have someone more precious than myself in my life,” CoreJJ tweeted. 

CoreJJ has been quite vocal about his relationship over the years. In an interview about a victory at the LCK Spring Split 2017, CoreJJ revealed that his girlfriend had surprised him by showing up for the match. 

“I saw my girlfriend in the crowd when I went into the booth today. I didn’t know she was coming. I’m happy to get a clean win when my girlfriend came to see me,” CoreJJ told InvenGlobal

Team Liquid congratulated CoreJJ on his marriage, as did many others in the esports community. 

The fall was a rough season for CoreJJ, as he was visibly upset over Team Liquid’s loss at Worlds 2020. The team was eliminated in the group stage with a 3-3 record. This undoubtedly helps to turn things around for him.. 

“NA lost the shiniest star we had. And this star will become a new galaxy,” CoreJJ tweeted at the end of October. 


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