Team Liquid surge in PEL week two while ENCE remains on top

Steven Rondina • April 3, 10:11

The European pro circuit for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is shaping up to be the most hotly contested.

Week two of the PUBG Europe League has wrapped up and while the rankings didn’t much change, the gap between teams has narrowed considerably. Though ENCE Esports retains its top spot after a strong week one, other squads also had the opportunity to shine.

After a drab start to the season, Team Liquid roared out of the gate in week two with a formidable first day. Despite bookending the day with unremarkable outings, Liquid managed to post double digit points in three of its games for a total of 52 points.

Liquid fell off the map on day two as Team SoloMid soared. After starting the day with a top-five finish, TSM broke off two consecutive chicken dinners with a combined 23 kills. That laid the foundation for what what became the biggest single day of the week at a total of 56 points.

After starting the week with a 15th-place finish on day one and an unremarkable day two, Ninjas in Pyjamas topped day three with 55 points. It didn’t score a chicken dinner and it never posted double digit kills, but NiP placed top-four in all five games that day, scraping their way to the top of the scoreboard.

The final day saw a surprise surge from FaZe Clan. The team hasn’t really shown much through the PEL to this point, but topped the day four scoreboard with a pair of huge games. FaZe posted 14 kills in a second-place effort in round two and notched one of the biggest games of the week with a 12-kill chicken dinner in round five.

Despite not topping the standings on any day, ENCE posted the most successful week of the lot with 144 points courtesy of a trio of top-four sessions. That tally combined with its massive 162-point showing in week one gives ENCE a comfortable lead over the rest of the pack heading into the final week of PEL’s first phase.

Past the Finnish squad is a pileup of teams that have a shot of taking a top-four finish and qualifying for the phase one playoffs at the FACEIT Global Summit in London.

Team Liquid is currently sitting in second with 274 points, just a hair above third-place G2 Esports at 271. Past that are seven more teams that have a strong chance of earning a spot in England with between 225 and 260 points.

The final week of PEL phase one begins on April 4.


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