Team Liquid launches Heal for Real campaign with exclusive merch

Melany Moncav • June 17, 2019 10:15 pm

American esports organization Team Liquid, in collaboration with Blood Centers of America, has launched the Heal for Real initiative.

Team Liquid celebrated World Blood Donor Day with a new initiative called Heal for Real. The new campaign encourages Team Liquid fans to become blood donors. In return, they can get some limited edition Team Liquid merchandise.

The initiative will run through 2019, and the new donors can join through one of the two alternatives. On the Heal for Real website, the fans can enter their zip code to find a participating blood center near them. The second option is the Heal for Real donation buses that will be featured at the different esports events spread across North America.

Team Liquid is primarily targeting people between the ages of 18 and 35. Statistically, most of the blood donors in North America are female, so the organization is looking to promote blood donation to young men specifically. That being said, women are not discouraged to take part in the initiative and can also opt for the incentives.

These incentives include a limited edition Team Liquid t-shirt that is currently available only through the new promotion with Blood Centers of America. The limited edition t-shirts will be available until late August. According to the website, the organization will announce other incentives and activations later in the year.

The campaign has already sparked a lot of interest on Twitter, and Blood Centers of America even offered to send t-shirts to the fans that shared a picture donating blood at their local centers.

Team Liquid is one of the most popular esports organizations in North America and is now using that power to give back to the community. Fellow esports organizations Counter Logic Gaming and FlyQuest have also announced their own initiatives.  


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