Team Liquid is bringing back Alphari for week 6 of LCS Summer

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Top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris will be starting in this week’s LCS matches after being subbed out from Team Liquid for more than a month.

After weeks spent on the bench, Alphari will be returning to prove that he is deserving of the starting spot in the top lane. In his absence, Liquid has been playing Thomas “Jenkins” Tran with decent results. In the most recent episode of SQUAD, TL head coach Jonas “Kold” Andersen confirms that Alphari has been back scrimming with the team and that the two top laners will be competing for the LCS starting spot. 

“We’ve had a week where Barney has been with the team, playing solo queue and helping out the team behind the scenes,” Kold said. “Going into this week he will be playing.”

Even though Alphari will be back for this week it’s not yet decided if the British top laner will be the permanent choice moving forward. According to Kold, the two top laners will be sharing time in scrims which will decide who will start. For now, it’s expected that Alphari will play for all three games this week where Liquid will meet Dignitas, Immortals, and Golden Guardians respectively. 

Alphari looks to reclaim top lane at Liquid

Alphari was a driving force for Liquid during the spring split, where he dominated the other top laners in the league and went all the way to the final against Cloud9. Shortly after the summer split began, Alphari was benched for reasons that were never disclosed. 

If Alphari can get back to his spring form and keep his motivation up, it’s hard to see Jenkins maintaining a position as the starting top laner. Alphari will return to the stage during a week where Liquid will face off against weaker opponents, giving the team a great chance to bounce back strong in the standings. 

Liquid will enter the week in fourth place, only one game behind Cloud9. With four weeks left of the regular split, there’s plenty of time for Liquid to crawl back into top 3 before it really matters. 

Alphari will return to the LCS stage with Liquid tonight when the squad face off against Dignitas. 


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