Team Liquid encourages fans to donate blood with special merch

By Marta Juras


Jan 20, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

In partnership with Blood Centers of America, Team Liquid is calling on its fanbase to donate blood.

Liquid shared the invitation on its official website and across social media channels earlier this summer, promoting the importance of donating blood with the “Heal for Real” campaign. Now, with Liquid’s teams starting their runs in the 2020 season, the organization is sending fans a reminder and calling for action.

With esports fandom as big as it is, an organization like Liquid inviting fans to join the cause can have a significant impact. This is particularly important as younger generations tend to be the least likely to donate blood.

“A patient needs blood every two seconds in America, but less than 20 percent of donations come from 20 to 34-year-olds, “ Liquid shared in the statement. “We are hoping to close the gap and inspire gamers to step up and donate by partnering with Blood Centers of America.”

Special Team Liquid t-shirt available as gift for blood donors

In collaboration with the BCA, Liquid has set up blood donation centers across North America for fans to come and donate. The organization also has donation buses bearing its iconic colors and logo following its teams across the continent to ensure there’s a greater reach.

Fans that decide to support the cause and donate blood in one of Liquid’s centers are given a limited edition, red Team Liquid t-shirt.

Esports organizations often participate in charitable events, usually in the form of charity streams but also with special events like visits to children’s hospitals. Liquid mobilizing its significant following in this way is a unique approach, though. The gaming community might not always be aware of how many people there are in need and which options there are to help them, which is why campaigns of this nature can help a lot in raising awareness, and getting some awesome results.