Tahm Kench will be disabled in the LEC after his new rework

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Tahm Kench won’t be available for play during the upcoming week of the2021 LEC Summer Split after his most recent rework on LoL patch 11.13. 

Many fans are probably excited to see how the newly updated Tahm Kench will do in professional play, but they will have to wait a bit longer. In the European LEC, Tahm Kench won’t be available for the upcoming games as his changes are being considered a major rework. This leaves the Kench on the bench for now, according to LEC commissioner Maximilian Schmidt. 

The Tahm Kench rework has included quite a few changes that will likely impact his play style at the professional level. The most significant change is the fact that Devour is now Tahm Kench’s ultimate, while Abyssal Dive now works as his W ability. This suddenly leaves Tahm Kench more mobile with a lower cooldown on Abyssal Dive. 

Tahm Kench’s ultimate still eats people, but is now much stronger and with the additional ability to grant allies a shield when Devouring them. The switch in abilities leaves Tahm Kench in a bit of an unknown spot, as he suddenly seems much stronger in the top lane now. With the changes to his ultimate, Tahm Kench will likely still be a good support, but not in the same way as before. 

Until Riot has had time to adjust the balance on Tahm Kench and players figure out how to utilize his new play style, he will be awaiting his post-rework LEC debut.  

Tahm Kench

Is Tahm Kench a support or top laner?

Tahm Kench was originally designed to be a tanky support but has seen play in the top lane as well since his release in 2015. In season 11, Tahm Kench is currently being played in both the top lane and as a support. Tahm Kench is mostly picked as a top laner after his new rework.

Is Tahm Kench good in LoL season 11?

After his rework on the current patch 11.13, Tahm Kench has naturally been picked more for both the support and top roles. With the new changes in mind, players have to relearn how to play Tahm Kench which can be seen in his win rates. Tahm Kench is doing the best in top, where his win rate is at 45.80% in Platinum rank and higher. As support, Tahm Kench is doing poorly at a 42.30% win rate but it’s expected that these numbers will adjust with some more time. 


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