Suning huanfeng drops from LPL All-Stars over cheating scandal

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The upcoming 2020 All-Stars event will be without Suning bot laner Tang “huanfeng” Huan-Feng, who was originally set to represent the LPL, after a cheating scandal involving the young star player has gone viral on the Chinese forum Weibo.

The scandal recently resulted in an official statement from Suning on the same platform, saying that huanfeng will be absent from the upcoming All-Star weekend. Suning said in the post that Riot Games, the organizer of the event, has also been notified. 

The cheating scandal allegedly started when Huanfeng’s hometown girlfriend made a post on social media, exposing huanfeng for cheating on her during the 2020 World Championship. The post included several screenshots purported to prove that huanfeng had been keeping busy well beyond playing at the biggest international tournament of the year. 

As a result of the posts on Chinese social media, huanfeng has become a hot topic in the community and a player that fans are now memeing. This happens just a few months after he was on everyone’s lips for something far more positive. 

Only a few weeks back, huanfeng was competing at the 2020 World Championship with Suning and managed to go all the way to the final. The young bot laner was one of the biggest surprises at the tournament, taking down world-class opponents at an age of just 19 years of age. 

huanfeng is now feeling what it means to be a public figure, where every wrong move can be heavily punished and affect one’s career. huanfeng will continue to play for Suning in the 2021 season, but until then, he will be off Summoner’s Rift and will be watching the All-Stars event from home.  

huanfeng, SofM, and SwordArt

Who is huanfeng in LoL?

huanfeng is a 19-year-old bot laner from China who entered the LPL when he joined Suning in February 2020. The young bot laner was picked up by Suning as a bit of a gamble due to his young age, but he has proven throughout 2020 that he is an upcoming superstar. As one of the youngest players in the LPL, Huanfeng impressed everyone in his rookie year and will likely become better in the next couple of years. 

What role does huanfeng play in LoL?

huanfeng is playing the bot lane role and has done so since his career started a few years ago. His job as a bot laner is to do a lot of damage while staying away from danger. He proved during the 2020 season that he can be a consistent and high-impact bot laner, that his team can rely on to dish out damage. 

What region is Suning from?

Suning is a professional esports organization based in China. The organization is owned by the e-commerce company The League of Legends team is participating in the best Chinese league LPL, where it managed to play at the top in 2020 and reach the grand final at the annual World Championship. 


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