Streamer Triciaisabirdy has stream interrupted by home intruder

Olivia Richman • February 23, 2021 10:00 pm

Talented chef and content creator Tricia “Triciaisabirdy” Wang recently stopped a stream after a stranger broke into her home. 

During a February 22 stream, Triciaisabirdy was cooking in her kitchen when she heard some concerning sounds in the background. Viewers joined Triciaisabirdy in her confusion. After a few moments of looking around nervously, Triciaisabirdy cautiously shuffles out of the kitchen with food still on the stove. She comes back into the kitchen soon after, looking in shock as two voices are heard arguing in the background. At one point she even tries to hide. 

On Twitter, Triciaisabirdy opened up about the scary experience. According to the streamer, a “crazy person” had broken into the home she shared with fellow 404Haven content creator Ian “Fareoh” Spurrier, Shannon Williams, and 404 founder Henry Coxall.

Triciaisabirdy reassured her fans that she was fine. The police had been called shortly after as her roommates stood between her and the intruder. 

“Sorry for worrying everyone,” she said. “This is actually insane though. I’m shaking still.” 

Triciaisabirdy responds to fans after harassment

In response to the situation, some people accused Triciaisabirdy of making up the situation for attention. She responded that she’s still “terrified” and begged the harassers to “let me live.” 

The home invader had broken into the 404Haven house via their garage. Triciaisabirdy’s roommates even shared videos on Twitter of the intruder showing signs of erratic behavior, singing Disney songs and demanding to play games with the streamers. The police removed him shortly after. While the men in the home stood and watched with seeming bemusement, it’s clear that Triciaisabirdry has been shaken by this terrifying situation. 

Nobody in the 404Haven home was harmed by the intruder. 


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