Streamer GinoMachino completes all bosses Elden Ring no hit

By Melany Moncada


Oct 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Streamer known as GinoMachino has become the first player to defeat all Elden Ring bosses without taking a single hit.

It took GinoMachino two months of preparation and one month of gameplay to complete this feat. The rules for this challenge were simple. He could not take a single hit. If he did, he had to start over. On October 27, in a nine-hour stream, GinoMachino finished his 165th boss battle and the challenge was complete.

It is not the first challenge completed by the streamers. Earlier this month, GinoMachino finished a weaponless 58-hour run. The streamer completed the playthrough fighting only with his fists. While a nine-hour session already seems like a ton of time, planning the run out was the vast majority of the time spent on this challenge. Reaching all 165 bosses is a challenge in and of itself, and GinoMachino also needed to plan out the perfect build for such an arduous task.

Elden Ring streamers are constantly finding creative ways to go through the game. MissMikkaa, an Elden Ring content creator from Sweden, finished Level 1 and defeated Malenia using a dance pad. According to the streamer, it took her 553 tries and over 15 over to complete this feat.

Elden Ring all bosses no hit run by GinoMachino

How fast can Elden Ring be beaten?

The world record for the fastest Elden Ring speed run has been established by Seeker TV, who completed the game in under four minutes. Of course, a speed run like this avoids all bosses except the last one. In that run, the player uses several game-breaking glitches to exploit their way to the end of the game. That run features effectively zero boss fights, which is a very different ordeal from beating all Elden Ring bosses no hit.

This record represents 0.01% of the time that most players take to finish Elden Ring. The game’s mysterious story lasts around 54 hours. The time to completion might vary from 40 to 60 hours depending on the player’s level of experience in previous FromSoftware titles. For 100% completion of content, players would have to invest an estimated 132 hours.


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