Streamer beats every Souls game in a row without being hit

Nicholas James • November 15, 2022 7:17 pm

A Twitch live streamer has beaten every single Souls-like game, the exceptionally hard RPGs from From Software, without being hit a single time.

Streamer Dinossindegail achieved the difficult task on his Twitch channel. The concept of the challenge is to make your way through Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3, as well as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborn, and Elden Ring in a row without taking a single hit. If even one enemy connects, the player would have to reset all the way back to the start of the marathon and start completing every single game over again.

Dinossindegail does no-hit run of every Souls game

The Twitch streamer has been trying for a long while to make his way through this marathon. Doing a no-hit run of any of the Souls games is quite impressive given their reputation in the gaming community as some of the harder single-player RPGs. Accomplishing a no-hit run of each of the separate Souls is a feat that is impressive on its own and Dinos’ herculean task is near-unthinkable.

The streamer’s celebration certainly communicates the level of challenge he’s just communicated. He erupts in cheers as his partner comes to congratulate him. Sinking into the chair, he throws his hands to his head in utter disbelief and rejoices with his chat. It’s a ridiculously difficult feat and his reaction is exactly appropriate to what he’s achieved.

After over 120 days of trying, an entire third of a year dedicated to accomplishing the task, nobody can fault him for letting a few tears go considering the immense effort he’d put into it. Now that it’s been done, there are surely speedrunning fanatics who will follow suit.

For now, Dinossindegail is the only person who’s accomplished this ridiculously grueling gaming gauntlet and should certainly be hailed for it.


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