Star Guardian Urgot is coming to LoL, and it is magnificent

Melany Moncav • March 24, 17:37

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot is coming to the League of Legends.

Riot Games has announced one of the most widely requested skins, Star Guardian Urgot, or at least soomething in that vein. Every time Riot released a new Star Guardian skin, the League of Legends fans asked for Urgot to be included into the skin line. The meme is now a reality.

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot is part of the April Fools skin line. April Fools is an opportunity to release new concepts that, under other circumstances, wouldn’t make any sense. This line includes popular skins like Pizza Delivery Sivir, Corgi Corki, Moo Cow Alistar, and Draven Draven.

Riot is owning the Star Guardian Urgot meme

Riot has referenced the meme before. Star Guardian Xayah on her first encounter with Urgot says, “stop trying to make Star Guardian happen. It’s not gonna happen.” The quote is also a reference to 2004 American teen comedy Mean Girls.

Now, the joke’s on Xayah because Urgot is officially part of the Star Guardian family, at least on some level. In the splash art it can be seen that Urgot is cosplaying as Ezreal, the only male Star Guardian. He wears a hat that resembles Yuuto Ezreal’s pet. During the recall animation, Urgot is playing with a stuffed version of Yuuto that suddenly turns into a real creature.

The April Fools skin line also includes Pengu Cosplay Tristana and Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar. Pengu and Furyhorn are part of the original group of Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics. These two characters are some of the most popular among TFT players.

Fan reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone celebrated that Urgot is finally an honorary member of the Star Guardians. The new skins are now available on the PBE server and will hit the store with patch 10.7 that is scheduled on April 1. Each skin in the bundle will sell for 1,350 RP.


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