Splatoon lore explained, the meaning behind the gameplay

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Splatoon lore may seem like a bundle of cute jokes and silly culture on the surface, but there’s more to learn when you dive deep.

With Splatoon 3 on the horizon, fans are diving back into the series to learn everything they can about the lore. The city of Inkopolis is surprisingly dense with history and knowledge, something that can be hard to tell at first glance.

The world of Splatoon and the species that inhabit it have complex relationships that evolve as the story progresses. If you’re looking for a refresher before the third game comes out, here’s the lore of the Splatoon series so far.

Splatoon lore has Inklings versus Octarians

Splatoon lore primarily focuses on the ongoing conflict between the Inklings, a race of Squid-human hybrids, and the Octarians, a separate species of Octopus-esque people. Both groups developed after global warming caused humans to go extinct and sea creatures evolved to take their place.

The plot of the games usually involves Octarians attempting to attack an Inkling civilization and the player character putting a stop to it. Though usually portrayed as evil, Splatoon lore explains that Octarians are not inherently bad and used to live peacefully alongside the Inklings.

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The two species developed animosity during the Great Turf War, a conflict that happened around a century before the events of the first game. The war for land ended in the Inkling’s favor and the Octarians were forced to live elsewhere. The gameplay of the Splatoon is explained as a sport commemorating the Inkling’s success in the Great Turf War.

Splatoon games expand the lore into the future

Splatoon’s main story kicks off with the mysterious theft of the Zapfish, a species of electrically-charged catfish that power the city of Inkopolis. The player character is called in to investigate the matter at the direction of Callie and Marie, a pair of music idols turned news broadcasters.

The player, known as Agent 3, is sent into Octo Valley to rescue the Great Zapfish and return it to Inkopolis. At the end of the game, the player character restores order and electricity to the Inkling city.

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Splatoon 2’s lore picks up right after the first game. In the final Splatfest, Splatoon 1 players voted between which Squid Sister they preferred in the final Splatfest competition. Fans chose Marie, which resulted in Callie playing an antagonistic role in the second game. Octarian leader DJ Octavio kidnapped and brainwashed her into becoming an Octarian minion.

The Splatoon 2 player character, codenamed Agent 4, once again embarks on a mission to set things right. Donning the iconic hero suit, the player travels to rescue another stolen Great Zapfish and save Callie from the clutches of the evil Octarian leader in a very flashy boss fight.

What is the story behind Splatoon 3?

Splatoon 3 appears to have a totally different vibe than the previous title. It takes place 1.5 years after the Splatocalypse in a city called Splastsville. It’s set away from Inkopolis, which is why Splatoon 3 has such a different look than the previous games.

Here is everything we know about Splatoon 3 so far.


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