Spirittea Diggables Guide: How to find Digging spots?

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Spirittea is a rural-life RPG inspired by Stardew Valley, except it has spirits who are upset with the locals. You can please the spirits by digging and finding Spirit Tomes. 

Spirit Tomes are letters or notes that include facts and guidelines on pleasing a spirit. These spirits are unhappy and lost, and it’s your job to please them by making their favorite food, catering to them at the Bathhouse, and making sure all their wishes are met. 

You may do this by digging the ground and finding Spirit Tomes, notes that include Spirit’s favorite food and bathing behavior. Here’s how to find the Digging spots in Spirittea.

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How to find Digging spots in Spirittea


Before you embark on your digging journey, you will need to buy a shovel for 400 Moolags from Song’s shop. If you have some extra Moolags to spare, purchasing Ancient Maps to find the Digging spots is recommended. But you can find the spots without the map as well. Here’s how.

In order to find the Digging spots in Spirittea, you will need to use your Spirit Vision. Spots that could potentially have Spirit Tomes would glow in your Spirit Vision. Get to work and dig these spots to secure Spirit Tomes. These spots will also appear on Ancient Maps, so you won’t have to look for them throughout the town.  

Once you’ve claimed the Tome, use this to please the Spirit. The note will provide valuable information about the Spirit, including their favorite food. You may go back to Bathhouse and cook their favorite food. 

For recipes, head back to Song’s Shop and purchase the Spirit’s favorite recipe. They can cost anywhere between 30-50 Moolags or even more. But, this is the money you must spend if you wish to please the Spirits and bring the town back to its previous happy state.  


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