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By Nicholas James


Jul 17, 2023

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The new Sonic Prime animated series that released in 2022 is stacked with voice talent and some unusual names, these are all the Sonic Prime voice actors.

Sonic Prime is a two-season-long TV show based on the popular Sonic The Hedgehog games made by Sega. The new season just dropped a few days ago, and there are some unlikely names on the cast list. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all of the Sonic Prime voice actors for curious viewers.

What is Sonic Prime about?

Sonic Prime takes a fun and light-hearted spin on the Sonic the Hedgehog world that fans know. After a fight with Eggman goes south, Sonic and his friends are scattered across the multiverse and will have to find and solve all sorts of familiar-yet-undiscovered worlds and personalities.

Sonic Prime voice actors

Deven Christian Mack

The voice behind the titular speedster hedgehog is none other than Deven Christian Mack. Deven Christian Mack has featured in a white variety of animated content, including a swath of LEGO animated titles on different properties.

Kazumi Evans

Playing the leader of the Resistance Rebel Rouge is Kazumi Evans, another tenured voice actor. She’s appeared on TV shows, movies, and branded game and toy adaptations, with everything from Polly Pocket to Johnny Test. Evans also lends her voice to Batten Rouge, a pun-tastically named pirate spin on Rouge.

Shannon Chan-Kent

Shannon Chan-Kent plays Rusty Rose, an alternate version of Ruby Rose on the side of the Chaos Council. Chan-Kent is likely best known for her role as Pinkie Pie on the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Ashleigh Ball

Sonic’s most trustworthy and iconic sidekick, Miles “Tails” Prower, is voiced by yet another My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic alum Ashleigh Ball, playing both iconic main characters of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash, as well as Mary Test in Johnny Test.

Ian Hanlin

Ian Hanlin plays Shadow and is yet again likely best known for his role as Sunburst in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Other fans might have heard him as the voice of a sentient beet in 2016’s raunchy animated comedy Sausage Party. Hanlin is a versatile presence, as he also doubles as the voice for Big The Cat.

Jacksepticeye and Valkyrae

Finally, bit parts are played by popular YouTube creators and social media influencers Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hoffstetter. Jacksepticeye plays Jack, and Valkyrae plays a character named Red. Both are just spot parts, but if you felt like you recognized a familiar voice, this may be why.

Neil Drummond

Behind the mask, or rather mustache, of the dastardly villain of the Sonic universe, Doctor Eggman, is Brian Drummond. Drummond has been heard in animated classics like Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, and Mobile Suite Gundam.

Adam Nurada

The brawly, but surprisingly clever tagalong of Knuckles is voiced by Adam Nurada. Nurada is a relative newcomer to the world of voice acting, featuring in many similar projects to his costars, from Hardspace: Shipbreaker to Polly Pocket and LEGO titles.

Vincent Tong

Renegade Knucks, a Chaos Council-aligned alternate version of Knuckles of the Echidna is voiced by Vincent Tong. Yet another repeated LEGO animated adaptation talent, Tong seems to be in every animated LEGO property not nailed down.

How many episodes of Sonic Prime are there?

There are currently two seasons totaling 16 episodes in the Sonic Prime series. The first season was eight episodes. The second season, which was released on July 13, 2023, is also another 8 episodes. Some rumors speculate that multiple seasons of Sonic Prime have been prepared ahead of time, with multiple seasons being prepared in batches. This wouldn’t be uncommon for serialized animated entertainment, as the animation pipeline can favor a front-loaded production style.

Where can you watch Sonic Prime?

Sonic Prime is available through Netflix and Netflix alone when it comes to official distribution. The show is produced out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is available on most regions’ Netflix originals collection. It can be found and watched in its entirety here, with new seasons arriving in full on the streaming service upon release.

Will there be a Sonic Prime Season 3?

It’s currently unclear if there will be a third season of Sonic Prime. The show has debuted to a surprisingly positive reception given the mixed history and reputation of animated video game adaptations in a serialized format. It seems to take slightly less than a year for a season to launch after the previous one hits the internet. With the second season releasing in July of 2023, that puts early 2024 as the absolute soonest that fans could reasonably estimate to see a new Sonic Prime season. Unfortunately, there’s currently no guarantee that fans get to see more of the multidimensional hijinks that Sonic Prime is so well known for.


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