Sodapoppin mocks trolls while announcing t-shirt contest winner

Olivia Richman • December 3, 05:24

Variety streamer Thomas “Sodapoppin” Jefferson Chance Morris IV recently announced the winner of his t-shirt contest. 

The famed content creator told fans that he would be picking a select few t-shirt designs created by fans to feature on his merch store. The winners were chosen by popular vote, which made for some pretty hilarious results. 

The winner was a huge hit with Sodapoppin’s followers. The meme-filled Christmas scene was called “beautiful” and “fucking awesome” by his viewers. It featured a bunch of inside jokes between Sodapoppin and his followers in the streaming community, making it the perfect addition to his merch store. 

Sodapoppin fans troll t-shirt contest

But not everyone took the t-shirt contest as seriously as the winner, which wasn’t even too serious to begin with. One design that made it to top 20 had Sodapoppin almost speechless. 

The design basically called for Sodapoppin to be muted for three seconds. It somehow got 197 votes, putting it in 19th place. 

“How did this even make top 20?” Sodapoppin exclaimed. 

Then his stream suddenly went mute. It’s possible that this was a glitch or maybe a clever way to respond to the fan’s troll t-shirt design. 

While muted, Sodapoppin continued his rant: “This is fucking stupid. Hey, hey… Keep at it motherfuckers. Fuck you. Yeah, just spend all of your fucking channel points.” 

Even though the meme design was not meant to be taken seriously, Sodapoppin’s merch is usually meant to be pretty funny. Priced much lower than most content creator’s merch, Sodapoppin’s shirts and hoodies feature simplistic designs that are usually based on inside jokes for fans of his channel. 

One of his featured products is simply a poorly drawn Pepe the Frog wearing Christmas attire while putting a star on an uneven Christmas tree. It might not be classy, but his fans appreciate Sodapoppin’s dedication to his brand of humor. 

Why is Sodapoppin so popular?

Sodapoppin is most likely popular due to his long history of streaming and the great variety of gameplay featured on his stream. He plays World of Warcraft as well as a lot of smaller indie titles. His streams have gotten up to 50,000 unique concurrent viewers at their peak in the past week alone, meaning his meme-based humor and gameplay has been working quite well for him. 

Did Sodapoppin quit streaming? 

Sodapoppin left Twitch in the fall of 2019 due to the high number of people “stream sniping” in World of Warcraft Classic. But by the end of the year, Sodapoppin was tweeting that he craved streaming and told fans he’d be back sooner than expected. Recently, Sodapoppin has been streaming for an average of 10 hours every day, sometimes less and sometimes much more. 


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