Sodapoppin explains Twitch ban with a troll apology video

By Olivia Richman


Jul 21, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Two popular Twitch streamers have been banned, and it’s most likely related to sex and virtual reality. 

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris and Robert “Roflgator” linked up to do a VRChat stream on July 17, which seems to be the reason why the two were banned almost simultaneously on July 20.

While Sodapoppin’s 2.7 million fans were left in the dark, he teased them on Twitter about the entire ordeal. 

This only continued the discussion, with more and more followers contemplating what could have led to the sudden suspension. Twitch, per usual, did not come out with a public statement regarding the two account suspensions, so it was up to the streamers to divulge the information. 

Roflgator was eerily silent on the matter, saying he was going to leave it up to Sodapoppin to explain. 

Sodapoppin finally decided to let his fans in on the reason. And he didn’t seem the least bit sorry for violating Twitch’s terms of service. 

Sodapoppin tells fans why he was banned from Twitch

With sad music playing in the background and a solemn look on his face, it looked like Sodapoppin was about to drop the hottest tea in the world on his fans. But they would soon learn that Sodapoppin was basically banned for showing too much sexual content during a VRChat livestream, and that he didn’t seem particularly bothered by it. 

Sodapoppin began to dramatically retell the story in which he and Roflgator decided to “enter the world of anime titties VRChat” due to their lack of female attention during the months of lockdown. Sodapoppin even offered that he hadn’t “seen, touched, or talked to a girl” in over two years.

“Rob and I entered this crazy world called the Golden Corral… Sex Dungeon. We were just hanging out and discussing whether it’s possible to get hard and come from erotic roleplay. During the discussion, one of the local sexual succubus mutes decided to start rubbing on me in the middle of our talk,” Sodapoppin explained. “This was too much sexual content going on all at once. I completely understand Twitch’s decision.” 

Sodapoppin apologized to his mom, brother, fans, and dogs. 

His apology video already has over 930,000 views on YouTube. Some fans are even calling it the greatest apology in the history of streaming suspensions. While that’s a tough claim to define, it’s definitely a contender. 

Sodapoppin and Roflgator are not permanently banned from Twitch, although it’s still unclear when they will be back. For now, they’ll have to find anime girls to flirt with on VRChat in private, without thousands of viewers watching their efforts.


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