Sneaky shows off new spandex Zero Two cosplay, as voted for by fans

By Olivia Richman


Mar 20, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Cloud9’s Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi has revealed a new bright red and skin tight Zero Two cosplay.

On March 14, Sneaky asked his Twitter followers to vote for which cosplay they wanted to see next. Over 68,200 fans took part in the poll. Zero Two was the clear favorite, with 38 percent of the vote. League of Legends champion Akali wasn’t far behind with 30 percent. Fate/Grand Order’s servant, Mashu, received 21 percent, and the remaining 11 percent went to Emilia from Re:Zero.

The spot-on Zero Two cosplay was revealed just four days later in a slightly scandalous photo spread on Twitter. Sporting red spandex, the cosplay already has over 43,000 likes and a handful of “you’re so hot, brother” comments from the Cloud9 organization. Popular streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys even stopped by to say that the photos were fire.

Sneaky said he would wear the Zero Two cosplay on stream once he reaches 4,000 subscriptions. He is currently sitting very close at 3,752.

Meanwhile, more photos of Sneaky dressed as Darling in the Franxx’s elite pilot protagonist are available on Sneaky’s growing cosplay Patreon. Patrons who pledge $10 or more will receive access to more photos, including physical copies of the AD Carry’s Zero Two photoshoot. There are currently 1,429 fans supporting Sneaky’s cosplay hobby on Patreon.

Zero Two, also known as Code:002, comes from a science fiction romance anime series called Darling in the Franxx. The inspiration for Zero Two’s design came from character designer Masayoshi Tanaka, who said the design team focused more on Zero Two’s existence rather than her appearance when coming up with her appearance. Still, she was designed as a “badass transfer student” at her core.

Plagued with the reputation as a “Partner Killer” due to none of her previous co-pilots surviving rides in the past, Zero Two has increased strength and rapid generation. With two small red horns and fangs, other characters often view her as a monster, leading her to wish that she were fully human.

Sneaky’s fans have come to expect these provocative cosplays. The League of Legends pro has been sharing his gender-bending cosplays since 2016, when he debuted his passion for cosplay with a simple school girl outfit on his Twitch stream. Since then, Sneaky has had many iconic cosplay moments, including his Xayah cosplay with Bae “Bang” Jun-sik at All-Stars 2018 and a photoshoot with his girlfriend inspired by League of Legends’ fictional pop group K/DA.


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