Sneaky’s crazy new catgirl outfit is his big return to cosplay

By Olivia Richman


Sep 29, 2020

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Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi’s cosplays have been a bit minimal lately, like his recent e-girls and gamer girl-inspired looks, but that just changed. 

The former League of Legends pro revealed an elaborate, adorable, anime-themed cosplay on Twitter. With a long, white wig, cat ears, and a black and blue maid mini-skirt, Sneaky completely embodied Vanilla from Nekopara in her Race Queen getup. Sneaky’s cosplay was complete with a cat tail. 

Sneaky Race Queen Vanilla

Vanilla is a shy and clever catgirl, or Neko, from the adult visual novel Nekopara. Nekopara was later made into a video game and anime. The story revolves around a world where humans live alongside catgirls, who are treated as pets. 

Per usual, Sneaky’s makeup was done by his girlfriend, Esther Lynn, a professional makeup artist. She’s often appeared in cosplay photoshoots alongside Sneaky. He also listed the photographer who took the adorable photos. 

After a bit of a slowdown because of the quarantine, it seems like Sneaky is back to cosplaying in full force. His detailed outfit and professional photoshoot were a step up from the past few months. Unlike previous cosplays, Sneaky’s most recent photoshoot also went up on Patreon almost immediately. The full set is already available for as low as $10. 

Sneaky’s replies on Twitter are overflowing with support from the League of Legends community. Cloud9 quickly replied with their traditional “you’re so hot brother” tweet. Other League of Legends fans have already expressed how attractive Sneaky looks in his latest outfit using a variety of NSFW memes. This is a return to form for Sneaky who previously wowed fans with his elaborate ensembles, but hasn’t been going all-in of late.

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