“Smolder” Ignites Excitement in League of Legends

By William Davis


Jan 24, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Smolder is a new dragon champion in “League of Legends,” known for his late-game strength as an Attack Damage Carry (ADC). Originating from the mysterious region of Camavor, Smolder’s backstory involves being separated from his mother and raised by a human boy, which influences his unique human-like traits.

In gameplay, Smolder starts weaker but scales into a powerful force. His abilities gain potency by accruing “Dragon Practice” stacks by hitting enemies with abilities and kills. Key abilities include:

  • Q: Super Scorcher Breath: Evolves to add area damage, explosions, and a burning effect that can execute low-health enemies.
  • W: Achooo!: Damages and slows enemies, with an added explosion on hitting champions.
  • E: Flap, Flap, Flap: Temporarily grants flight and targets the lowest health enemy.
  • R: MMOOOMMMM!: Calls his mother to attack from above, dealing damage, slowing enemies, and healing Smolder.

Smolder’s evolution from a weaker early game to a stronger late game mirrors his lore of mastering his dragon abilities, offering an approachable yet complex gameplay experience​​​​.

The Wide Appeal of Dragons in Gaming

Dragons in RPGs and Adventure Games

Dragons hold a pivotal place in RPGs and adventure games. Titles like “Skyrim” and “Spyro the Dragon” allow players to either battle these formidable creatures or embark on whimsical adventures as a dragon themselves.

Strategy Games and Dragons

In strategy games such as “Warcraft” and “Age of Empires,” dragons often appear as powerful units, blending awe-inspiring presence with strategic gameplay elements.

Dragons in Indie Games

The indie gaming scene also embraces dragons, with numerous titles exploring various aspects of dragon mythology in innovative ways.

Dragon-Themed Online Casino Games

Excitement of Dragon-Themed Slots

Online casinos have leveraged the dragon theme, particularly in slot games. Titles like “Dragon’s Myth” and “Dragon Dance” offer players immersive experiences with their engaging graphics and gameplay.

The Iceland Connection

Iceland Online Casinos and Dragon-Themed Games

Iceland, a land rich in myth and folklore, has seen a rise in the popularity of dragon-themed games in online casinos. Iceland online casinos provide a plethora of dragon-themed slot games, aligning with the country’s mystical cultural backdrop.

Conclusion: The Timeless Appeal of Dragons

The introduction of Smolder in LoL highlights the universal appeal of dragons across various gaming platforms. From battling dragons in RPGs to spinning dragon-themed slots in online casinos, these mythical creatures continue to fascinate and entertain, with Iceland’s online casinos offering a notable haven for dragon-themed game enthusiasts.


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