bobby big ballz

Smash Melee pro banned from Twitch for drinking and driving

By Olivia Richman


Sep 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Super Smash Bros. Melee pro bobby big ballz has been banned from Twitch for drinking and driving.

bobby big ballz has become a pretty well-known online warrior in the last few years. The Falco main has been consistently placing at the top of the Coinbox tournament series, but he may not be able to participate in the streamed tournaments anymore.

On September 5, bobby big ballz decided to buy some wine and drink some of it while driving back home. The dangerous and illegal behavior had many of his viewers concerned, with some even demanding that Twitch suspend him for the risky decision.

A few hours later, the Melee pro was banned.

Is bobby big ballz permanently banned from Twitch?

bobby big ballz is most likely permanently banned from Twitch.

After the initial ban happened, bobby big ballz told the Smash community that what he did was wrong but added he wasn’t even close to being drunk off of his “singular sip” of “12% wine” on his “three-minute drive home.”

“[This] doesn’t classify as drunk driving,” he said.

But he still recognized his behavior was not acceptable. He added: “As a streamer, I’m wrong and will take responsibility for my actions. If the community wants to ban me, I will humbly oblige. I am not a role model. Please don’t accept my internet personality as such.”

bobby big ballz added that drinking helps him “cope” but didn’t want to make any excuses for what happened.

It hasn’t been confirmed by Twitch, but the message on his Twitch account points to him being permanently banned from the streaming platform. This would be quite unfortunate since his career revolves around competing in online streamed tournaments and broadcasting his matches on Twitch.