Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Sakurai discusses last 2 DLC fighters

Olivia Richman • May 31, 20:13

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans have been debating who the next DLC fighter will be ever since Pyra and Mythra dropped in March. 

It’s still unclear whether the next fighter in the second pass will be nostalgia favorite Crash Bandicoot, classic protagonist Master Chief, or someone completely unexpected. In a recent column for Famitsu obtained by IGN, Super Smash Bros. creator Mashiro Sakurai continued to stay silent about who players can expect to enter the fighting game. But he did offer some hints at what is to come. 

Sakurai announces Smash DLC fighter updates in column

Sakurai wrote in the column that the two remaining characters on the second fighter pass may be announced at the same time. Sakurai wrote that this “may” be the case so fans are still unsure over what he means. 

Sakurai then explained that the announcement, whether it’s one or two fighters, will be coming “quite soon.” Even though Sakurai continued to be cryptic, fans have been speculating that some type of Smash announcement will occur at E3, which is coming in June. Now, Smash players are hoping two fighters will be revealed simultaneously at E3. 

It’s been said for a while that the fighter pass will be completed by the end of 2021. Sakurai confirmed this once again in the blog post, but he also stated that the two DLC fighters coming this year will be the last ones added to Smash Ultimate. This was unfortunate news for the Smash players who heard rumors that a third fighter pass might be released. 

Adding onto this, Sakurai wrote that the game would be “finalized” after the two DLC fighters are added. This could simply mean the roster is complete but it could also mean that no new content will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including maps and Mii skins. Fans have also wondered if this spells the end of balance updates and patches. 

At the end of the blog, Sakurai also announced that he was not going to retire from game development. While he may be done with Smash, the busy Nintendo legend stated that he will continue working on games. 


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