Sleep is the next competitive edge in pro gaming

By William Davis


Mar 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pro gaming functions just the same as every other professional competitive pursuit in that its competitors are always looking for an edge. Now, some top teams seem to have found it, and others may be left trying to catch up if they don’t adapt.

That edge might come in the very basic form of proper sleep. It’s something that may seem antithetical to many competitive gamers who grow up skirting the edges of sleep in order to get in just a few more hours of playtime and practice, but there’s really something to it.

The health world has increasingly acknowledged the benefits of positive sleep habits, and those habits are starting to be adopted by elite competitors in the world of esports.

Astralis may be the best example of this. The Danish esports organization boasts one of the most successful teams in all of esports in its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad. This is a team of players that has dominated CSGO like few others ever have, and in its era of extreme competition, like no one else is able to.

What powers that strength in competition? There’s more than one answer. Certainly, raw playing ability and dedication to good practice habits are contributing factors. But it’s also notable that Astralis has taken a highly proactive approach to its players’ mental and physical health.

Sports therapy has become increasingly popular at the professional sporting level, as clubs and organizers seek to help players to overcome mental obstacles. Team chefs and nutritionists are also popular options for teams looking to find an edge through dietary means. Trainers are employed to keep players physically sharp.

As important as mental health and healthy eating are, positive sleep habits are just as impactful. This is why they too have become an important part of the regimens of top teams like Astralis. But without full-time managers around to help with these things, how can upcoming competitors find that same edge?

New consumer products are one option. Pop Sleep has developed a new supplement that helps players to get better sleep. Its edible strips contain a mix of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and melatonin. It’s an ideal cocktail for promoting healthier rest.

As top teams and players continue to demonstrate the efficacy of these and other healthy habits, upcoming players will increasingly need to find ways to replicate them in order to climb the competitive ladder. And with companies like Pop Sleep making their way into the gaming space, there will be no shortage of options for competitors to get, and keep, that leg up they’re looking for.


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