Skye’s flasher hawk can shield you from Raze’s ultimate rocket

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players have discovered a new exciting mechanic where they could destroy Raze’s expensive rocket with Skye’s cheap flasher hawk.  

Raze’s Showstopper is one of the deadliest ultimates in Valorant, recently landing her on the developer’s nerf radar. However, players have found a new way to tackle her Showstopper. 

How to use Skye’s bird to stop Raze’s ultimate

Skye is one of the underrated agents among casual players but her toolkit is popular among Valorant professionals who pick her in tournaments. Now, more players in ranked matches are finding mixed uses for Skye’s kit. 

One Reddit user demonstrated how Raze’s rocket interacts with skies birds. The wild Initiator can usually blindside the enemies with her dual flashes but a new find shows that her flashing birds have more surprising uses. It turns out, Skye can act as a shield in front of Raze’s Showstopper. 

Raze’s rocket is powerful enough to burst through fragile surfaces but Skye’s flash can cause it to stop. The Valorant player released the Skye flash on Breeze map just as Raze activated her Showstopper. This led to a unique interaction where the rocket hit the bird and instantly blew up. While the flash failed to serve its original purpose, it saved Skye player from much bigger trouble. 

Raze’s rocket doesn’t come for cheap. It’s a hard-earned ultimate that requires eight points to be activated and warrants a kill upon touching. It’s quite the news for Skye players who can now destroy Showstopper for 250 creds. This is a cheap little hack but it’s not easy to execute. Aiming the bird precisely for the rocket can be super tricky and may require tons of practice. 

This is not the first time Skye’s ability is coming under the spotlight for its unique interaction with another agent. Previously, players discovered that the Initiator’s seekers could carry Sova’s intel dart forward to gather more information. The Australian healer is undoubtedly a team player who is capable of insane plays when used correctly. 

Who’s the new Valorant Initiator?

Riot Games recently added a brand new Initiator to the Valorant agent roster, Kay/O. The flasher agent joins three other Initiators, among whom Breach and Skye also have blindsiding abilities. The four agents solidify the Initiator roster that hasn’t seen an update since the release of Skye in November. 


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